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Bean Acres Farm Report

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Hello from east Tennessee. Aunt Bean here , working hard on the farm. We are trying to create a food forest// permaculture // no till here. I feel really good....eating a lot of okra and fresh fruits, berries, sweet peppers, egg plant, fresh organic eggs (not from here). Still do not have chickens. Have about 100 trees planted now since spring. Some delicious apples of many varieties that I saved the see from in the Oct/ Nov/ Dec months are now trees nearly shoulder high on me. Three are as tall as me already. Others in poorer soil are still about a foot tall...and may not make it thru winter. Still have holes to dig and more of them to plant. My wrist and finger joints are tender from spreading tree mulch, but happy to finally have it to use.. .the road crews cutting around power lines nearby have dropped it here 4 times and there is a mountain of wood mulch! Perhaps in a few can come pick apples and other fruits and berries with me. God is so good. By the way, I am still doing very well taking black cumin seed oil and recommend it highly. May God Bless You all. Have a great day!

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What about Butter-nut trees Aunt Bean. I bet that very few people have tasted butter nut . Every old farm here had several trees at one time and it was a very good cash source. It takes a place to lay them to dry for six months and that may be a problem and it takes a few years to grow a tree and you have to get them before the squirrels. I guess I just explained why nobody has them anymore. oh well . Thanks for the memories.

Be happy, bless you.

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Seems they are very susseptible to disease...guess that is why I never heard of them or tasted any

Have you seen this? It's a wonderful organization that's helping farmers like you.

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I'm a city girl, but I thank you for posting that video. I watched it, and it reinforced what I believe.

LosAngeles,CA, USA

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I have never posted a video...what was it about? I like your name enjoysalud

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You are correct. YOU did not include the video. That's why my reply was to "JAS9". He supplied the web site to you...thinking it might help you. I watched it and I LOVED it......replenishing the soil, not using pesticides, etc.

I'm glad you like my must understand Spanish. My son was first DX with PD for three years, and then re-DX with PSP. He died May 4, 2017. He was healthy (never anything) until his first neurological symptoms (DOUBLE VISION and SLURRED SPEECH) back in March, 2014. I wish it had been PD and not PSP.

Silvestrov is a strong believer in natural type of answers and not in pharma. He was my "go to for support and suggestions".

I am 79 years old and have also been a healthy one......ENJOYSALUD spoke to me when I decided to join this site.

Best to you!

Margarita...Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Thank you for the video it was very good, exactly how I feel.

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You're welcome. It's always good to know that there are others who are working towards good goals we can (almost) all agree with.

Are you the farmer that eats fermented papaya? I may have you confused with someone else.

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Yes, have been making fermented papaya since 2010 I think. Just eating fresh helps a lot too.

Fava-1: For what purpose do you take black cumin seed oil? Where is the video that everyone is talking about?

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There are a bunch of videos on You Tube. Just type in the medicinal properties or benefits of black cumin seed oil. I have energy to go non -stop all day. A mean green machine. Everyone comments how good I look and my hair is growing better too. Aunt Bean

Which brand of black cumin seed do you take? What is your dosage?

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Swanson Black Cumin Seed Oil. 500mg before breakfast

I am only 115 pounds . Someone heavier could take it 2 times a day. This dose is perfect for me.

Still taking Black Seed Oil?

Yes, just ordered more

Hello from Bean acres. It is now 2020. Today the first fava beans were harvested. The beans were washed. The inner bean shelled out and lightly steamed, then frozen. The pods were chopped fine in the food processor and put into a jar with brandy to extract the ldopa. This will be shaken for a month and then strained and bottled . There will be a few more pickings, Lord willing and we get rain and not too hot temperatures too soon. Favas love cool weather and if planted the first of March usually have some mature beans by the first week in June. God is so good. Blessings you all, love Aunt Bean

Can this help parkinson plus??

I don't know if favas could help Parkinsons plus or not. All medication and herbs depend on the individual , what caused the PD in the first place and how they respond to it. Favas help some people like myself considerably...there are folks that can't believe I even have PD. Others, favas don't do a thing for them. We are all so different and all we can do is experiment and follow God's leading with our own bodies. I about work myself into the ground, but get stronger ever year. The farm is growing and we are eating organically grown fruit, berries, vegies and venison. Have wonderful hunters that come , and then bring us packaged meat....can't beat that. God is good and we are so blessed. Aunt Bean

Hello Aunt Bean, how are you doing ? Still using fava beans ?

Hi Marcet, Yes, I still grow fava beans and make tincture of the fava pods . This is my l-dopa. I am very well. Working hard in garden and orchard already.

I was just thinking about you Aunt Bean! Thank you for bringing your inner light to this forum.

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Just got done planting schisandra plants and hardy kiwi. Praying they will grow well and in a few years give fruit. They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. Guess that we are making up for lost time . Also planted donut peach (also called Saturn) and a yellow plum tree and a Fuji persimon during this last week. Busy time on the farm. Get out in the sunshine you all, breathe deeply and be strong. Blessings, Aunt Bean

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