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thiamine starting dose

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It seems that Dr C is advising lower starting doses than the original 4gms daily. What is the dose that he generally starting with now? Ive dropped from 1500g daily to 500g and have seen no differences to my symptoms lowering dose. Generally doing pretty well, but symptoms have moved to R side of body since starting B1 5months ago. Should I increase the dose? Not yet on other PD meds.

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Yes...Improvement is likely missed if one is not observant. That is why we take video record and depend on outside observers. Generally over 4 months. First week, no more constipation. One year No more micrographia.

Wow! Does this good doctor ever sleep? I emailed him regarding my situation, and he replied within 30mins at 10pm Saturday night (in Italy). Deep respect! (he asked me for a video of pull test and speaking)

Did you mean mg instead of grams?

I sure hope so

Largest B1 pill I have found in store is 250 mg

I take 4 a day (1g) at bed time

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Oooops Yes, I meant 500mg!

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Vitacost..... B1 in 500 mg capsules (easy to swallow). 300 for $28 (?)


See you've made changes in B1 intake...likewise :) How much B1 are you now taking ?

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