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How Parkinson’s Disease Led To Awakening And Transformation - Ayahuasca and PD

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Learning about Parkinson’s disease was a tremendous shock. But I wasn’t going to let myself be thwarted in my healing by believing everything the doctors had to say. I took responsibility for healing into my own hands.

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Very interesting.

Bit puzzled to tell you the truth. I thought he was going to say that he got ‘cured’ or something but it just seems to be a narrative of various explorations. Have I got that right or am I missing something? Interesting read though.

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You are right Adam

we get Ayahuasca homeopathic preparation . one can get it in any reputed homeopathic pharmacy . It acts well in many diseases . One can try . When a remedy is prepared from a substance it looses its toxicity and gives only positive results .

Ayahuasca gives total transformation at physical , emotional , psychological and spiritual levels . As a herb in the form of potion I did not try . But a homeopathic remedy looses the toxic effects when the substance is diluted and succussion takes place which acts very well . I used in cm potency and found it be very effective in bringing changes by causing immunity , tranquility and serenity .

“Thwarted in my healing by believing everything the doctors had to say” has got to be the silliest statement for a long time.

Leaving the tried and trust by medical professionals, and going to the untried and unknown by medical amateurs is very poor advice.

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