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ALZFORUM article: Genetic Findings Link Parkinson’s Disease to Crohn’s Disease, and to Inflammation


"... LRRK2 inhibitors being developed for PD might help people with Crohn’s disease, while anti-inflammatory approaches could benefit Parkinson’s patients ..."

"These data tell us that Parkinson’s is, at least in part, an inflammatory disease ..."

"The data support the idea that PD might result from the long-term consequences of a transient infection that touches off chronic inflammation and α-synuclein accumulation in people with certain genetic susceptibilities ..."

I'm now considering the addition of an anti-inflammatory to my list of medications/supplements.

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Another good post on the gut/brain connection for PWP. I'm sold on it. I hope we share research on effective anti-inflammatories.

I am sold on the gut/brain connection and subscribe to Dr. Gundry's the Plant Paradox diet , which is all about a anti inflammatory approach to eating. For the last year or two, I came to believe that we humans have some fundamental flaw in our diet that promotes a unhealthy gut, which then causes various diseases, PD included. When I read Gundy's book , I felt like he had the answer. Makes sense to me to correct the problem at it's source. Good luck my friends!

In my pursuit of possible causes, my research has led me to validate the gut/microbiome connection as the inflammatory vector. From my late teens (I am now 74), I have suffered from severe digestive issues. My entire abdominal area would become painfully swollen after eating. I attributed this to "allergic" reactions to certain foods. However, dietary adjustments never addressed the problem, nor provided a semblance of resolution. I also developed uveitis simultaneously with the gut issues. The manifestation of these events also correlated with severe nasal infections, i.e., painful crusting and scabbing. Retrospectively, I now think the digestive issues, eye inflammations, and nasal infections were symptomatic of PD inflammation.

The article referenced nasal infections as possible causes for inflammatory processes in the brain. That is the first reference that provides substantive speculation tp what has heretofore been only conjecture on my part.

Thank you for posting the referenced article.

Open access.

jeffreyn in reply to aspergerian

Thanks aspergerian.

For those not into reading full research papers, there's a good write-up of the Stolzenberg et al. paper in the following ALZFORUM article.

This correlates with recent postings indicating alpha synuclein is related to inflammation in the gut

certain people have been stating for years that pd starts from the gut

Thanks for sharing the link. Lets hope further research into this area uncovers the magic bullet.

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