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L-Theanine for Sleep


Since I started taking many amino acids that help so much, I recently ordered L-theanine because it said it "promotes relaxation". Lo and behold it does and helps me sleep through the night if I take it just before. Natural sleep aids I've tried usually don't give 8 hour relaxation or quiet internal tremor. Has anyone else tried this? It's inexpensive (Organika brand 250mg-90 caps from Nationalnutrition.ca). Maybe it's just another of the depleted amino acids that come with PD or PD medications.

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For sleep aids I first take 3 mg melatonin at bedtime, (the minimal dose recommend by my Neurologist). When I wake up later in the night, usually around 3am, I take 200mg L-Theonine. It helps me get back to sleep with no noticeable side effects, eg no grogginess upon waking in the morning. I like it.

rideabike in reply to reedboat2

That used to be my wake up time too. Glad to hear that's working for you. I have a few friends that might like to know that as well so thanks!

jombi in reply to reedboat2

i am taking Azilect but want to start taking amino acids too. I know not to take Tyrosine and 5HTP but does anyone know of any others I should omit? Many thanks

reedboat2 in reply to jombi

I’m not sure what interacts with Azilect you should probably ask your Neurologist about that.

Hello write a bike yes I take L-the anine with the same results that you experienced . Mine is a component of a product called GABA plex that I take twice a day one time at night for sleep and sometime during the day when I feel I need to relax .

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Thanks so much for that reply. Will look for that.

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Gaba Plex contains L-Tyrosine. Just in case you are trying to avoid L-Tyrosine.


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I wonder if you can tell me how much Gaba is in the GabaPlex? I have lots of gaba and not taking it at the moment. I probably have what's in it in my stash of amino acids if you could list them and the amounts. I seem to be losing the effect of L-thianine lately. Will try Melatonin 1st and theanine/Gaba when I wake up at 3 am.

yes , my partner with PD started taking it a few years ago -- totally stopped his nightmares. He has now gone onto Melatonin 10mg -- seems to be stronger . I take Theanine myself now as it helps me get back to sleep after waking up

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I am amazed about all of these replies. It doesn't even take long to work.

What do you take for amino acid? It is program Amino Acid therapy, very expensive, but we can't try everything in the same time. For sleeping use Melatonin, but not less than 5 mg

I follow a mini amino acid therapy along the lines of Dr. M. Hintz. protocol, because like you said, expensive. I take 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine, L-Acetyl Carnitine, B6, D3, B1, L-Lysine, Coenzyme Q10, and zinc and selenium because I get low in those. I can't always swallow so many some days but when I do it extends the L-dopa effects. L-theanine has been very helpful for sleep but I still wake up too early but sometimes can go back to sleep. I feel like all of this keeps me away from drugs and they do the same thing in a healthier way. If I'm missing any important ones please let me know. Thanks

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