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Using carbonated drinks to take Sinemet.

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When I was recovering from back surgery, spinal fusion to fix sciatica pain I had down both legs, I was introduced to the idea of using ginger ale when I take Sinemet. I was at Medstar Georgetown University hospital and was visited by a doctor and a few students. It seemed to work faster. On top of that I now crush the pill and mix in ginger ale in a small glass. I'm on Stalevo but use Sinemet as needed if I'm down hard. Try it, works for me. By the way not having sciatica now I can almost tolerate my off times.

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Another thing is I'm going to have DBS treatment. Tired of chasing my meds.

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Do you find that the Sinemet lasts as long as it used to? I recall reading - though can't remember where - that taking something carbonated or acidic such as OJ or applesauce did help the carbidopa/levodopa kick in sooner, but also meant that it faded sooner. Have you noticed that?

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This is good but do not crush the pill if it is a time release version!

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Hi, how are you going and hoping you are well! Just wondering who recommend you to take Sinemet with Ginger Ale?

Are you still using this trick and if it is working effectively for you still?

Thank you for your attention and take care!

Cheers, N Y.

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