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Infection: links between Toxoplasma infection and common brain diseases

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Systems analysis points to links

between Toxoplasma infection and common brain diseases.

Nearly one out of every three humans on earth

has a lifelong infection with the brain-dwelling parasite

Toxoplasma gondii. In a new report, researchers from multiple

institutions describe efforts to learn how infection with the

parasite Toxoplasma gondii may alter, and in some cases amplify,

several brain disorders, including epilepsy, Alzheimer's and

Parkinson's diseases as well as some cancers.

The research team decided to search for similar effects in

people. They focused on what they call the human "infectome" --

plausible links between the parasite's secreted proteins, expressed

human microRNAs, the neural chemistry of the human host, and the

multiple pathways that are perturbed by host-parasite interactions.

Using data collected from the National Collaborative Chicago-Based

Congenital Toxoplasmosis Study, which has diagnosed, treated and

followed 246 congenitally infected persons and their families since

1981, they performed a "comprehensive systems analysis," looking at

a range of parasite-generated biomarkers and assessing their

probable impact....

Toxoplasma Modulates Signature Pathways of Human Epilepsy,

Neurodegeneration & Cancer.

"Some epidemiologic-serologic studies show associations between

seropositivity for T. gondii and human neurologic diseases, for

example, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases...."

"They also found that: Small regulatory biomarkers -- bits of

microRNA or proteins found in children with severe toxoplasmosis --

matched those found in patients with neurodegenerative diseases like

Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease...."

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Myself, if it is not gene caused I believe it is caused by an infectious agent.

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