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Why is nobody talking about juvenile arthritis?

I just heard that my friend's nice has been diagnosed at the age of 11 and it scares me that she will be put on hard drugs without any consideration of the alternatives first. How can we live in the information age and still choose to just succumb to medicine without a thought for other options?

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You might be interested in Katy;s story withoutwings.co.uk/living-p... briefly she has had arthritis from 10 months old and until 2 years ago on crutches, in hospital, countless operations, just about every drug imaginable. Now at the age of 27, following changing to a whole food plant based lifestyle supported by daily yoga she is down to the last of her drugs, in no pain, no inflammation and applying for the US yoga championships.

What kind of life do you want for a child? Why did Katy have to live in agony for 25 years? Why didn't the doctors say diet "wouldn't help", instead pushing drugs that provided little relief and certainly no positive long term outcome?


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