Remission without Medications?

Hi everyone. I have a question. Are there folks out there that have been able to go into remission with RA or something related without medications? I have seen several people saying that they are going to try to treat their disease with only food, supplements and / or diet. If you have been successful, can you tell us here how you did it, how it went, and how long it took? I know I and some others have done the Minocycline, and others have just done LDN. Dr. Mercola indicates on his site that he has been successful in just the diet approach.

Thanks, Caeryl!

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  • I would advise at least take medication to ensure joints do not get worse.

    Other than that I strongly advocate diet as THE way to aid recovery from RA. At my worst moment March 2016 my CRP was around 174 mg/L. Starting the paddison program at that point it has continually and is steadily dropped. From being housebound/in a wheelchair/taking 20 minutes going from bed to toilet, I can now participate fully in life with almost no pain, no fatigue, very little inflammation. I am not in full remission yet, but I am definitely getting there.

    Meanwhile I continue my medication (12.5mg MTX) and intend to continue until my CRP is normal. At that point I will declare myself in remission. I will never return to my previous diet entirely, but I will re-introduce some foods and check whether I can tolerate them again.

  • Nice Andy - I just wondered if there are people that have done diet only if it worked and if they could tell what they did. Actually I'm not brave enough to try it without any medication either...:-)

  • I wouldn't say I'm in remission, but I'm doing very well with ginger and Tumeric and diet. No Pharm meds for me!

  • Some people react badly to drugs, I mean physically they struggle to keep a drug down or it causes huge and unacceptable side effects, or perhaps they do it for ethical, historical reasons or whatever. To do it without drugs generally takes serious focus. The good news is such people tend to have that focus and determination.

    Off the top of my head can I recommend Danny's story

    and I think that will be informative. If I am right whereas I do cucumber & celery juice, Danny juices with cabbage - and that is really hard core, imo.

  • Agreed. It is nice to know that there are alternatives too...

  • That's awesome Shannon. How long have you had RA? How much ginger and turmeric do you take? How do you take it? What kind of diet? Have you ever reconsidered? I am really interested in this.. Thanks!

  • I can tell u I have e gone in remission 3 times this time the mountain is higher depends on the type u have whether a spondropthy or Ra etc

  • Hi Minka - That is so hard. I wonder what keeps kicking it off....

  • if i knew i would avoid it like the plage lol long time since i been to florida whent for 3 weeks then 2 weeks 20 years ago now loved it nearly stayed cos one guy wanted to fix me up with a nuclear job

    This seemed to be triggered of by after having a hernia opperation 8 weeks after to be presises then i just thought i had sprained my ankle but when i saw lumps on hands i new i was in trouble with it, and now its just spread like mad

    Hope u are having a better time of it cos it looks like a wheel chair at moment for me.

  • Hi Minka - I am SO sorry - I was headed there too at one point and it is a difficult option for several reasons.. One of the main ones is that unless you can still walk some to go up and down stairs, there are a lot of modifications that need to be made to accommodate the chair. Doorways are not always wide enough, etc... Let us know... Best wishes for you

  • I wouldn't say that I'm in remission, but with diet I have eliminated Humira and am down to .75mg of prednison. I'm on the Paddison Program. Google it to find out more! It really does work, but it is tough to do!

  • Impressive, TraceJeanell! πŸ€—

    Well done! πŸ‘ πŸ‘

    Do you mind my asking how long you've been at it? πŸ€”

    [I ask because I've been at it for a while & have found it getting easier over time. (Realise that sounds 'kooky' πŸ™ƒ, yet it's been so for me.) No longer crave the old naughty foods I once thought I "could never live without". 😳 πŸ˜‚ ]

    Just wondering how you're managing with the process so far -- as you go along over time . . . (Hope you don't mind my asking. πŸ™ )


    Oh, & do you listen to the podcast at all?

    [So far, have found it informative (& inspiring). Learned quite a few tips along the way. Am always surprised (shocked) at how my experiences match/ parallel so many of the guests. 😳 Have laughed (& cried) aloud many times! 😳 πŸ˜† 😒 πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘ ]

  • Hi Kai! I started in October and yes it does get easier! Especially when you try a new food and BAM! The pain rushes back! I love Clint and his podcasts!

  • Wow, that's terrific, TraceJeanell, 3 months in!! Excellent! πŸ‘ πŸ€—

    Know exactly what you mean. Can be a bit hair-raising introducing a new food. 😳 (Not knowing for sure how our body's going to react. πŸ™ƒ ) Yet it's good to see progress & know the process works. (Thank gawd for that. πŸ™ πŸ˜‚ ) Can never go back to "the way it was". 😱

    There's a few more of us about -- andyswarbs & Shaun94 -- also follow Paddison Program. πŸ‘ We're not alone!! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ€—

    [ Shaun94 ( ) has been on the podcast & andyswarbs blogs: foodandarthritis.blogspot.c... πŸ€— ]

    Delighted to see a fellow PP'er around! πŸ‘‹

  • I was not on any diet program but I am in remission after 1 1/2 years treatment. I personally find that it is dangerous to go without medication. Below link is very informative and I believe it helps us to understand the risk to go without medication.

  • I had spontaneous remission that lasted for 12 years. Thought I was done with this business and actually, thought maybe the doctors had been wrong for the first ten years.

  • Wanted to also add, I had no particular diet. I ate pretty healthy, worked out, and lived a very active life. Nothing stands out to explain why it happened. Talking to my doctor, they don't really know why or how it happens. With that said, when it came back almost two years ago, it did with a vengeance and much worse that the first ten years.

    Also wanted to add that I see a lot of people comment about diet and supplements and how they aren't taking meds. I was once one of them - not taking meds...back several years ago, I did not try supplements. The reality is, there comes a point where meds are the primary means of maintaining health and function.

    Having experienced a pretty full range with this disease, I've come to realize that it can worsen and when it does, there is no one method that's going to work and that includes medications.

    Beware of chucking meds unless you're really doing well and managing without them. I used to believe a lot of it was taking care of oneself and frame of mind. I worked out - a lot. I was in excellent physical condition. I've always had a positive attitude. Yet, when this came back, I was barely able to walk. And it brought along with it, a clotting disorder, sjogrens and a couple of other overlap diseases. I ended up having a pulmonary embolism.

    So main point, do what you can to take care of yourself. Keep an established relationship with your doctor. Monitor with lab work. If you need meds take them. Take the supplements if you want to try them but keep your doctor informed. My doctor was open to everything I tried and asked about. I just haven't seen anything from them - turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, avoiding night shade plants, etc. For me, none of that has impacted me so I've chosen to continue on with a well-balanced diet.

  • Hi Chelle0801 - Interesting. I have never heard of anyone having a spontaneous remission before from RD. I know I was able to put mine off for four years with no damage with just diet and herbs. But remission seems harder to obtain, huh?

    Just to explain - I am not considering giving up what I am using. I am just interested in the disease process and I do a lot of research in a lot of venues. AND I have had a LOT of people tell me over the last six years that if I would just "eat right, or work out 10 hours a day, or take the cartilage of roasted yak rump, etc., etc., etc.," and I would be well. I am just curious if it ever happens.

    Thanks for the information.

  • I spent 12 years with zero symptoms after ten years of symptoms, coming and going. Initial presentation of the disease, at age 25, was moderate. By age 27, flares few and far between and very responsive to short-term steroid therapy. By age 35, no flares at all. Age 47, i was so sick and thought I had lymes disease. All my old work came back high positives for RA and other overlap diseases. Some tests came back > than the ranges being tested.

    My doctor said he doesn't know how it happened, the whole history, only that it does. He also said that from what he'd found out, people that experience what I've experienced, end up having a difficult time controlling the disease when it does return.

  • I eat healthy and I used to work out a lot. I believed taking care of oneself is why I was doing so well.

    I still eat healthy. I don't exercise right now and haven't much since this took hold of me again. I'm just trying to get to a point where I can function more normally, physically. Everything is monumental effort right now.

    I don't think there is a clear map or understanding. It's finding what works for each individual and I hope you find your map πŸ™‚

  • Yeah - I agree. This is a very individual disease. Thanks and I wish you the best of luck with your path too

  • Thank you.

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