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Dietary changes for arthritis


Has anyone explored a change in diet (low sugar, high fat, higher protein or other changes) for seronegative arthritis before embarking on medication? I also have lichen nitidus which is autoimmune and have been depressed/anxious most of my life. I believe that it has a lot to do with diet.

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I have tried numerous diets recommended for RA. None worked for me, but I wouldn't want to discourage you as dietary changes appear to help a few folk. Dairy free helps my sinus issues but nothing touches my RA other than prescription drugs.

Patient0 in reply to Mall

Thank you. It really seems like there are more diseases within the arthritis category than are currently recognised. Maybe one day science will catch up. I am in a position to give nutrition a try and even my rheumatologist is reluctant to move me on to the next drug so I feel like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying. Thanks for helping to create the balanced picture.

I definitely feel better when I completely avoid dairy and sugar. I have horrible will power so if and when I slip up, 24 hours later I feel it in my feet and back. I am on humira and cymbalta. Not sure diet alone would help me even if I was strict about my eating. But it definitely helps.

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Dr. Douglas Lisle’s work ( ) may help put the dairy 🥛 🧀 🍦 , sugar 🍭 🍰 🍫, etc. cravings (deep rooted ‘addictions’) into context, kattat7? 🤔

It’s not necessarily lack of ‘will power’, but overriding biological forces driving us toward troublesome behaviours (bad habits). 😳

Fascinating, mind-blowing stuff. 🤯


😌 🙏 🍀 🌺 🌞


Everyone is different on how they respond to food. I went to a nutritionist who gave me an elimination diet based on inflammatory foods. I can't eat wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant or peppers. I can eat corn and dairy once/week. I was diagnosed with RA in 2011 and am seronegative.

Patient0 in reply to Sue-Dee

Hi Sue-Dee

Thanks for the reply. Please can you tell me, how has the change in your diet affected your condition?

Sue-Dee in reply to Patient0

When I do eat any of those foods, my joint pain increases. If I stay away from them, the joint pain is much less.

Patient0 in reply to Sue-Dee

Thanks so much. This is so helpful. x

andyswarbs in reply to Sue-Dee

I went to a registered dietitian and was very disappointed with the advice. I ignored it and continued down a whole-food plant-based route with minimal oils. Now drug free & pain free for over six months.

Patient0 in reply to andyswarbs

This is what concerns me. The regstered dieticians aren't going far enough.

andyswarbs in reply to Patient0

exactly - they regurgitate what they have been told with insufficient nuance for the illness itself.

yes, trying to eat much less sugar! I really believe healthy eating is key to feeling better!!!!!

I ate clean for 6 weeks and then individually tried reintroducing different foods that’s are supported send triggers. For me, dairy is not the issue and gluten doesn’t trigger either; although I do feel better being gluten free, lest bloat. However, preservatives bed and nitrates are a huge flare up for me. So I stay FAR away from any processed foods and foods with antibiotics, etc.

Patient0 in reply to krishwain

Thank you for your helpful reply. I'm going to take control of my health and wellbeing again. My rheumatologist doesn't seem opposed to the idea either 😊

Just to give an update, I am now 5 months into having elimination. I stopped eating processed foods. Cut out gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, corn, refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol and I honestly feel a lot better. My mind is sharper and my inflammation is greatly reduced. I think I I slipped up a few times recently and that has led to return of the swelling and psoriasis as well as the lichen nitidus but for a while was close to no signs of any of these diseases. I think it is the right way to go but I had setbacks with a stomach bug from my kid who is at nursery. I started craving sugar and carbs and think I over-ate. I hope to keep going with it as it beats the alternative!

A further update now 8 months of clean eating with the odd slip ups. I've learned that reduction in sugar and carbs has really helped. The moment I increase sugar intake or carb intake, I notice swelling and gassiness. Dairy and eggs have also been problem foods. Gluten seems to cause inflammation very quickly and it lasts a few days. I eat mainly organic, grass-fed meat and large amounts of vegetables. A little fruit daily. Magnesium l-threonate has been really helpful and so has collagen. I have my life and my brain back! Now I just need to keep the stress low as this causes small flare ups. I also take vitamin D3, K2, A and E and Turmeric.

It's a lot better than sulfasalazine side effects!

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