Has a plant-based diet lowered your inflammation?

Hi everyone,

I recently started a plant-based diet based on recommendation from a local Nutritionist. Has anyone seen their inflammation reduced by following a meat and dairy free diet?

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  • check out my story at

    that by using a whole food plant based diet without oils I left my wheelchair well behind.

  • So very impressive! Thank you for sharing and I wish you continued good health

  • Hi Andy, I just watched your video after it was recommended that I check out your profile. I am so impressed! I hope you are still in good health. I recently posted, as I have just gone back on my MTX and prednisone after stopping for 11 months, my RA having been well controlled prior. I was just in too much pain, had to stop work, and was feeling all round miserable. I do think the diet component is essential, and was encouraged to try the GAPS diet - which is very much not a vegan diet! Like you, I am gradually figuring out which foods work and don't work for me. Wheat, highly processed foods, refined sugar, and nightshade veggies seem to be the main offenders so far. I was wondering if you are still on meds, and if you also take any supplements, like glucosamine, spirulina, etc? Thanks!

  • Hi Joanova. Thank you.

    My health continues to improve. I am working on providing a further video six months on. This update says I am now drug-free after tapering carefully over six months.

    Also I have added back foods that I was intolerant of when my RA was at its worst. And for me that is a big test. No drugs and the foods that caused my body problems are not an issue anymore.

    (That's not to say I will leave my core WFPB diet. I know what's good for me and I intend to continue improving my health.)

    Btw. My take on meat-based diets is if someone has been eating meat all their life then they can be a useful stepping stone that may provide some health improvements. Indeed for some people they get remission. So whatever works on the RA front. This is a horrible disease none of us deserves.

    But eating meat has side-effects including putting on weight and any doctor will tell you putting on extra weight is bad for arthritis. Interestingly this research is a calorie for calorie comparison. That is eating meat simply makes the average person fatter. (That's not to say there are not slim people who eat meat. They are the lucky ones!)

  • Gosh, give up meat! Love salads but love the steak too! I envy Your willpower!

  • Yes,without a doubt. This has helped to eliminate pain,swelling and discomfort.

  • How long did it take to notice improvements?

  • Within a month I was off my pharmaceuticals

  • Wow! That's amazing! 😀

  • Too impressive, I may have to rethink about this!

  • Hi everyone. I tried this for 4 wks and noticed an improvement in pain. I went back on meat for over a week then had a flare up. Off the meat again. Can I ask what else do you need to supplement with apart from b12? Any advice much appreciated.

  • B12 i recommend for everyone regardless of diet. I take vitc if i feel my body is under attack or vulnerable. Vitd in winter. Other than that a varied whole food plant based diet has sucu a complete nutritional profile the only concern is if you have special medical issues, eg thyroid.

    Daily I now eat raw broccoli in my lunchtime salad which really gets the mouth chewing to help get digestive juice going since the story is not just about what goes in the mouth but also the power of the body to metabolise.

  • Oh I just saw your post andyswarbs . Thank you for replying. I love vitamin c and Ive already had a couple of doctors diagnose me with pernicious anaemia so I get b12 by injection. I thought that I might need a complete protein like hemp? Omega 3s?

    I just want to say that i loved your video!. It is so encouraging. It's hard to believe that something so simple can take away severe pain. I'm going to stick at it for a bit longer. How long did it take for your pain to subside?

  • Wow, I have thyroid issues too! Just take the synthroid and forgot about it! Another question for the Doc!

  • Anemia is very common with RA. As RA is conquered the anemia will reliably disappear.

  • I understand what you mean andyswarbs . I agree that is totally possible. However, other family members have had low b12 without arthritis so I think it might be hereditary PA. I was told by one specialist that I might have connective tissue problems, then another Dr said that it was more likely neuropathy. The burning hands, forearms and feet has been very debilitating. Regardless, I still feel some benefit with being strict with diet. Trying to improve gut health. I hope that if I stick with this for long enough I will improve.

  • Healing can be a very slow and tedious process. I sometimes think what I achieved was a small miracle but then I see nothing unique to me in my approach. Anything I can do to help others towards regaining health as well is what drives me 100%.

  • It's fabulous that you are doing that andyswarbs . Can you tolerate tea or coffee?

  • Before my RA started I used to drink a litre of strong filter coffee each day. When RA kicked (diagnosed Nov 2015) in I dropped that habit overnight and haven't touched it since.

    I replaced coffee with green leaf tea and have drunk that ever since. One teabag per day, topped up with hot water as I go, often with turmeric and black pepper.

    Though over recent months I have drunk a daily dose of fresh organic Miso.

  • Sounds good . I only drink rebush tea and the occasional cup of organic decaf coffee.

    Very sorry to hear about your daughter by the way andyswarbs . Pleased that you eventually got your dream of being a granddad. I wish you well and thanks again for posting your video .

  • Funny thing with coffee. I stopped drinking when started my diet, changed to matcha but was really always missing the coffee. Changed my diet and am drinking coffee again and feel very much better. Here is a link to what science says about coffee that was for me in many ways an eyeopener.


  • I am an avid coffee drinker but I stopped for several weeks to find out if it changed my level of inflammation. I noticed no differences at all so I returned to my normal amount.

  • I love coffee!! However, i only drink the organic coffee as I read that instant coffee can be cross contaminated with gluten AbbeyRoad Simba1992 . I think it was in Dr Datis Kharrazians brain book. It's a fabulous read if anyone is interested.

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • No problem 😃

  • Well for me it not only lowered my inflammation it eliminated all my pain and inflammation and allowed me to completely get off those horrible drugs! I am however able to eat seafood so I get my B12 from that. I eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables.

  • I made an Ayurveda based diet change, and had an AMAZING response inflammation wise. I had crippling back pain and this system changed my life. I highly recommend it!!


  • AbbeyRoad - I wondered how you're progressing after 2-3 months of your changes?