RA and Fibro - ugh

I was diagnosed in April. For me, the pain and inflammation had been dealt with easily with steroid shots in wrists and ankles and hql (plaquinel here in the US). Still, I'm so very tired. Rhuemy added fibromyalgia to the list and 20 mg Prednisone. I'm now almost done wroth the 20 day titrated round. I feel human again! And nervous that the exhaustion will return. If you are ra and fibro, What works for you?

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  • Fibro was added to my list 2 months ago too. Wish I had a suggestion for you. Still trying to find something that works.

  • I wish it was better for you, I dislike this trial and error business!

  • Thanks doll. Having the first infection in 10+ years is just a trip. I will quit whining soon. Gentle hugs to you.

  • I have fibro and RA I have started taking Embrel shots 3 weeks ago. It will take awhile to see if it helps. Will keep you posted.

  • It does help..definitely just do your best to keep exercising, no matter how difficult..even chair yoga..I'm also taking

    Limbers..on it a week for osteo.....too soon to tell about that. I'm 77 and 30 lbs overweight, it's a FIGHT TO THE FINISH,



  • quite right about that exercise thing.

    I set my alarm and make a point of getting my steps in every 2 hours

  • I have both and have been on Cymbalta and Lyrica...it took a while for the combination to work. These medications trick your brain so that it doesn't signal "pain"... Side effects were bad at first (a month of nausea) but then went away. For the RA I am currently trying Methotrexate and Enbrel weekly. Its all about finding your cocktail that works 😐

    Good luck

  • Here's hoping we all find our ideal cocktail soon. Wish it was a fun as Party time!

    Seriously, I had trouble with cymbalta and haven't tried lyrica. Not to be too graphic, it made me lose my ability to enjoy... um... the private kind of physical pleasuring. So not cool. Perhaps in a good cocktail that side effect would go away

  • I have RA with fibro and PMR with GCA to top it all off. I've been on prednisone off and on since 2004 with several attempts at just about everything under the sun. I started Actemra (infusion) about 5 weeks ago and it's showing great promise. I take zanaflex before bed and it's been amazing because I can actually get 4-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep which is something that's been impossible with the fibro. I get some exercise every day regardless of how I feel. It's definitely all about finding what works for you and sometimes that stops working after a number of months or years and you have to figure it out again. Never give up and never quit 🙂

    All the best~

  • Never give up and never quit seems to be a perfect statement when we advocate for our health. I very much feel like a sleuth trying to figure out what works. Thanks for sharing your regimen!

  • Going for a walk has helped.

    Being fatigued isn't fun.

    Try reading a book or painting.

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