RA meds and anxiety

Hello all! I would love any tips or tricks anyone can give me on managing side effects... I was diagnosed with RA several months ago. I was first put on methotrexate, but the vomitting, mouth sores, and extreme axiety caused me to ask my dr to switch me. They told me to take a few weeks off (of any meds). I did and had no anxiety during this time. Now I am on sulfa and my anxiety and extreme brain fog are back. I did well in college, graduated from a great law school, and worked in a fast paced environment. Now I struggle at work to complete the simplest tasks, and sometimes experience what feels like a panic attack. Today I had a very piercing headache and then a nose bleed. I can't help but think these are all side effects of the medicine. Will side effects subside as I get used to the medicine or is it time to kick it to the curb? Thank you!

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  • Hi tell your doctor to swich you to a biologic , Orencia is the safest one

    My doctor told me that,even consumer report mention that as the best one

    Good luck

  • I was on Orencia. And I couldn't walk on while on that. So my Rheumy switched me to Actmrea and it gave me my life back. But.....it was causing my platelets to drop way to low. So then I went Simponi and that made my psoriasis 100% worse. Now I am on Otezla.

  • Hello I am new to this site, I have been on Orencia by infusion for over 2 years now, and it has helped me a great deal. I haven't had any more damage to my hands taking this medicine. My doctor told me that it is the most aggressive medicine out there right now. It is very expencive almost 13000.00 a visit over 160,000 a year. Thank God for medicare and Medicaid, don't know what I would have done with out it. There are many side affects with this medicine that could happen, but what do you do? There is help out there to help with the costs. Good luck and prayers to all of us.

  • I started Simponi a year and a half ago and I feel much better, especially with the morning stiffness. The only problem I have had is slow to heal if I get a cut or scrape. Also it is hard to shake a cold or infection, but I can put up with this. It is sometimes hard to get the right mix of meds.

  • Research research research. Unfortunately we have to be our own advocates. If something is not working do not be afraid to tell your dr. They are here for YOU :) my dr is aware that I lean towards the natural way so even though he chuckles he allows me the space I need to be proactive :)

  • are you taking folic acid?

  • I was but it also made me sick. I think I need to start with a smaller dose and work my way up.

  • There is no cure for this disease. The only thing you can do is to slow it down and the only way to do that it to take your meds. If you don't, the disease will raise its ugly head and destroy your body. This disease causes your immune system to go crazy. The only thing to do it to slow down your immune system. I was on humira and it triggered a life threatening infection. I was off all RA drugs for 2.25 years. That causes inflammation around my coronary arteries and my body reacted by by covering my arteries with calcium. I now have coronary artery disease with LOW cholesterol! But my doctors had no choice. It was that or take the chance of another life threatening infection. This disease is nothing to laugh at. It is deadly serious. The drugs have side effects, some of them bad. Stay away from prednisone. It is a wonder drug with horrible side effects. It can destroy your adrenal glands. Look up adrenal insufficiency. Get tons of rest and learn to say no. Learn to ask for help. Take your meds and get a doctor that you trust with your life. If you have a problem with your doctor, move on to the next one. I have had this disease for almost 15 years. I have had two knee operations, one hip surgery and one surgery to remove my collar bone and first rib. I am not medically retired and my husband left me in January. He was a user and not what a husband should be. Find a safe person to talk to. I think o have covered most of the important part. Learn what you can. Good luck.

  • I appreciate you sharing your experiences with me. I hate to hear what a struggle life has been for you, but it is refreshing that you are still here telling people to fight. I really appreciate that. I have been through several doctors to get to my diagnosis, but my specialist seems great so far. I hope he and I can have a good relationship and turn things around for my health's sake.

  • God bless you, and thankyou for your advise. You are right this is such a terrible disease. I am 55 years old, am a middle child, have no children, and am the only one in my family with it. Not only do I have RA but OA as well, and am hoping to have a knee replacement in the next month or so. And you a right about the Prednisone I gained about 20 pounds taking that, and won't take it anymore. It did help with the pain and stiffness. I will not take the pain med.s because am afraid of addiction, and they make me sick. I live in Ky. and medical hemp is not legal here yet, but has anyone tried it, and does it help. From what I have read about it , it seems to have the least side affects. The best of luck to all of us, sending prayers to us all God speed.

  • I hope the knee replacement goes well snuggles! I'm 28 and in northern TN.... Not too far away! Medical hemp isn't legal here either that I know of. I honestly didn't know it could help with arthritis pain. I hope you can find something to help without all the side effects. I still haven't figured out what that is for me yet either.

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