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is it RA

my gp refered me to RA specialist but i have no bad pains i have constant swelling in my arms wrist fingers and sometimes ankles too . my half arms and hand numbs while sleeping and i have to do little exceercise of hands to supply blood again. i have strange prickly iching all over body it can be anywhere . and i can see tiny needle head red spots on my arms legs.can anyone suggest what it could be exactly or anyone has something smiliar .TIA

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A referral to the rheumatologist reads like a sensible decision as this could be a mass of conditions that you need a specialist to disentangle.

I hope that you see somebody soon and that there's a clear outcome and treatment path for you. Good Luck!

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thanks for your reply. yea i am waiting for my appointment that is on 16th of next month.

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All I know is that a plant based diet will help with a long list of issues! Try it!


Hi Sameera, how did your appointment go with your rheumatologist?


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