I was diagnosed with CREST type of RA about 7 years ago and treated with methtrexate for 9 or 10 months then had trouble catching my breath and told to get off of it and put on cellcept 4 pills a day 2. 500 mg in the am and 2 more in the evening on empty stomach. There are several bad side effects such as lemphoma and TB my mother passed away due to no hodgkins lemphoma and Grandmother and Uncle where in a TB hospital in the late 30s and early 40...My CREST has been hard on my teeth and bones I had a toe amputaded and still get white toes and fingers due to bad ciculation and get sores on my finger joints ....Is there some safer drug that can help more than hurt my condition.?

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  • Sadly with the meds all have significant side effects. I have noticed a great improvement in my symtpoms since I changed my diet & followed the "Paddison program". Hopefully, that will help reduce my med needs as time progresses.

  • Paddison program?

  • Its a diet, ultimately vegan, that has an elimination diet premise following a cleanse. If you google Paddison program or search Clint Paddison TED talks you can find how he came to develop the program. The program does cost money, but less than one month of prescription meds! I have added some animal proteins back into my diet & still have good results & feel so much better than before the program, including much more energy! (& no I do not have any financial disclaimers or get any compensation- just truly sharing what has helped me)

  • thank you I will try but was vegan for 28 years then fell and broke my hip and test showed that Vit D difficent and my bones and teeth very weekend by osteopr...since I have been dependent on my husband for meals dr appt shopping + care we decided to eat the same as much as possible....

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