Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with RA in 2008. After years of prednisone, plaquenil and methotrexate, I decided to stop all my meds because I was still having major flares taking these terrible drugs. I'm on a more natural routine now and praying that this will help me with my pain and lesson my flares. So far no meds for the last three months. Still flaring exactly the same as with the drugs. Started drinking collagen a week and a half ago and will start juicing cucumbers and celery when my juicer arrives tomorrow. Per the "Paddison program". Will let you know how it goes.

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  • The drugs are bad at dealing with flares but better at underpinning the disease and helping avoid joint damage. That is unless you up and up the dosage. Just stopping drugs is not something I would like to do instead I would recommend phasing them out as the benefits of the diet kick in and always discuss with your doctor.

  • Dear kiddykat,

    I do agree with andyswarbs. I suggest you talk to your rheumy first before you stop the drugs because they prevent the damage to your joints.

    Have a look at the very informative and well organized videos below and reconsider your decision of stopping the drugs on your own.

  • Well I left out that I stopped all the RA MEDS 4 months ago. I did see the RA Doc about the increased flares before doing that and his answer to me was more drugs. I've stepped out on faith and am taking a more natural approach. Already I see an improvement in my flares. I still ache, and hurt, but now instead of a full out not able to move, debilitating flare, I have been able to go about living. Thank you God. I'm going to enjoy it and continue to praying that it only gets better. 😎

  • I take ginger and Tumeric. These have helped me tremendously as I refuse man made medication. I use ice for a minimum of 20 mins when I flare. My hubby is very good at making sure when I get home after a 12 to 16 hour work day that I have ice on my hips. When I need additional pain help I take a tylenol/ibuprofen/aspirin cocktail. I still have daily pain but nothing compared to what it was when the rheumy was experimenting with different meds on me. I have my pity party days too. The changing of the seasons can be excruciating. That's when I bump up the amount of ginger and Tumeric. Water. Drink plenty of water. It aids with flushing toxins which increase inflammation. Keep fighting! Find what works for you. We are in a constant battle. But we CAN do this!! YOU can do this!!

  • Wow!!! Your words are my sentiments exactly. I use ice for my pain. The changing of the seasons is always hard for me too. Great suggestions. I'm going to increase my water and actually just bought organic ginger tea yesterday. I take 800 mg of turmeric daily. If you don't mind my asking how much tumeric do you take?

  • I take 500 mg of turmeric every evening. I've considered upping that amount, but I know that a 1000 mg is way too many on my stomach.

  • Thank you for letting me know.

  • Try bone broth too! I have stopped all meds as well. And exactly as you say flares are same or less as when on meds.

  • Thank you. I was in Wally World the other day and found organic bone broth, even one with low sodium!!! I would have never thought Wal-mart would carry bone broth much less organic.

  • Try I take the leaky gut support and his probiotics (50 billion units of probiotics). He has bone broth protein too. I tried it, it was good. I too take Turmeric, add fresh to my daily smoothie along with fresh ginger. I avoid processed food, dairy, corn, wheat, night shade veggies, use only coconut and olive oils, organic produce and products, grass fed meats. Not sure all of this is working but at least my gut is healthier/more regular bowels.

  • So far I'm doing everything you mentioned. And, except for the bone broth, this carnivore is refraining from eating meat just until my flares lesson. If all goes well, I hope to bring turkey back before Thanksgiving...LOL

  • What meds are you on? I tried Enbrel which helped a lot but then reacted to it. Tried Humira reacted to that too. Been on plaquenil since Feb. on Orencia for 11 weeks now no effect yet. Was on methytrexate since March but i stopped it two weeks ago- i had terrible legs pains which have stopped. Also lost a lot of hair. Dr added prednisone 10 mg to help me thru my current flare but again waiting for effect. RA is so frustrating. Hang in there.

  • Sounds like you're going through what I went through. I first started taking plaquenil then they put me on prednisone and methotrexate. Plaquenil was the first thing I stopped taking years ago because there was no improvement. Approximately 4 months ago I stopped all other prescriptions because I felt no decrease in my pain or flares. Thank you, and you hang in there also. Maybe the drugs will work for you.

  • Nice!!

  • Let me know how the Paddison program works, please. I just read about it. I have been dx for a year and today was told that I have iritis from the RA. Has anyone ever dealt with this?

  • So far I have had NO FLARES at all since I started a month ago on the paddison program!!!! And as an added perk I've dropped 10 pounds!!! I'm going to stay on this program if these results continue. I have not felt this good in years. A week ago at a fund raiser, I walked a mile and stood for long lengths of time with no pain!! Thank you Lord! Praying that the flares stay away. I also purchased several books on autoimmune protocol (AIP) which are very helpful.

  • Please share your journey with us.iI would love to go off the medications but I am scared to do it.

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