Need advice about some non narcotic pain meds

Need advice on pain meds. A lil over a month ago the pain clinic suddenly says they can't call medicaid for a doctors pre auth for my pain med which was oxycontin. But they didn't tell me this untill i was in full blown withdraw from the drug. I went to my gp and he is doing a weaning process for me to come off the narcotic more gently. The thing is, We are using loritab that I already had for this process. The GP can't perscribe narcotics from the clinic. this is all fine with me because I want off any meds that I could go into with draw from. So I'm looking for a non narcotic that medicaid will pay for. What are some that you guys use that is working for you?

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  • Welcome to the community flaminokie04! I noticed you didn't receive a reply yet, sorry about that! The community is just getting started, so please stick around while the community grows :)

  • Are you on a NSAID?

  • Naproxen and MTX

  • I was on naprosyn and Advil at different times. Md put me on Percocet don't really want to take much of it

  • I started using medicinal marijuana about 2 years ago. i usually get a tincture of half CBD and half THC.  It has been a God send. It didnt pass in law in Florida so we sold home and i now actively use that plus my prescribed meds by doctor. All my doctors are aware that i use it. None have had a problem. It keeps me having a quality of life, I can function

  • I really wish I could,but still illegal here in Texas.

  • I. Was told they can now send it in the mail If you can get a medical card

  • Thank you for the info

  • I have used Ultram in the past. I worked okay. Hydrocodone also works okay. But coming from oxy you are going to be in pain no matter what you do. I am currently working with my Dr to wean down the mcg's of fentanyl I am using. I was on 75mcg patches and we have gotten it down to 25mcg. I am going to one day be patch free. My reason was I had to have surgery to remove fluid around my heart caused by RA and the Dr's had trouble putting me under for the procedure due to fentanyl. A side effects that the pain clinic overlooked telling me about!!!

  • Hydro and Ultram are both narcotic pain meds. 

  • Maybe Tramadol...I don't "think" it's a narcotic but not 100% sure on that

  • Hate tramodol

  • Tramadol is an NSAID. So it is safe to use.

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