Methotrexate - Very good and informative videos for RA patients!!

Methotrexate - Very good and informative videos for RA patients!!

I came across these videos when I was looking for the natural remedy to maintain my remission. I found them very informative and very good hence would like to share with all of you.

We went up a little hill 2 weeks ago in another state and had a good time over there together with my girl friend. I was in purple and I am now having a normal life after 2 years of suffering. I believe the methotrexate and arava have helped me a lot during my recovery process. Of course, I also exercise daily to ensure speedy recovery too.

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  • Thank you. I am very lucky to have caught it early and my dr was aggressive with the remicade. I have had this now for 15 years. I went on disability after four years as it was and is painful. I am just now able to go off Orencia and just take methotrexate and sulfasalizine I hope to start exercising again soon. My mother had RA and smoked. I have never smoked but had achy knees when I was eight. Was able to work for 30 years as an RN. I am 59 now and still have sore feet and ankles when I walk. It is only by the wonderful Drs and nurses that I am alive today. My RA showed up in my feet first like my mothers.

    Melody Mrich

    Fontana CA

  • Dear Melody,

    Those who had RA before the introducing of the multiple usage of the DMARD treatment method would be unfortunate really. The research showed that with the combination of the DMARD and treated the RA patient aggressively at the very early stage would greatly reduce the chances of damaged joints.

    I was lucky to be diagnosed at the very early stage and got the treatment in about a month. But was given only the mtx for about 1 1/2 year. The improvement was very slow hence my rheumotologist decided to add on with leflunomide (Arava) for my treatment.

    To start of my RF and CCP factors were negative and my X-Ray was good hence I recovered very well after that. I am not sure if you have gone through my the other post, exercise is another very important part of our recovery process if you want to continue your normal life in future. In case have not gone through my the other post yet, below is for your reference.

  • My RA factor was 180 when I was diagnosed and I was in a lot of pain. Methotrexate didn't touch it or enbrel shots. It was necessary to go to remicade. Even that I had to keep increasing. I had and still do have difficulty walking. I was able to go into remission enough to exercise but stopped four years ago due to my left foot hurting so much I was on crutches for nine months. My X left me with our son who was 5 right away. Trying to juggle everything on my own was hard. Had to move. Got support until my son was 18 and now may have to move again. I am suffering from depression from lack of support. I have faith in Jesus and that is all that gets me through. I know things are getting better. I did have aggressive treatment for 15 years. Only recently able to come of Orencia intravenous and did so as I had no immune system and mouth sores. Really thought I would get lymphoma or throat cancer It has been a fight for me. Nothing like yours at all.


  • Dear Melody,

    I am very very sorry to know your situation. With RA, only we know how tough it could be without any support around. However, we must be strong and have faith to believe that we will be able to live a normal life again. Continue to work on our body and work with the doctor, we will be okay one day.

    I am a single mother, I had no support at all at home. My 3 children were and are in colleges overseas therefore I was all alone. When I collapsed, I really had hard time to even got food for myself. I was lucky that I had/have many good friends around, they sent me food when I was on medical leave for a week.

    I could only ate some good food when my friends sent the food to me. Thereafter I could only eat whatever still good on the table. Over here the weather is very hot, I am from Malaysia, hence food will turn bad easily if it is kept outside the fridge. I could not keep the extra food in the fridge because my hands were in great pain and no strength to open the door of the fridge.

    I even thought of committing suicide at one point, but I knew my youngest son was just in his first year in college, he needed me to support his education and living expenses. That gave me the will power to move on. I told myself that I must not failed my son, I would stand up again one day.

    To avoid muscle wastage, we cannot wait for remission to start the exercise. You can start the exercise daily as long as you feel you can do it. Do bear in mind that it is still a very painful exercise. Say you are not able to walk properly yet, with crutches on, you can still walk around slowly. No matter how small the step can be, it is better than doing nothing. Also you can sit on a chair and do some upper part body exercise and move your legs without any weight on them.

    You may refer to the video for exercises that may be easy for you to follow:

    Choose from the link to see which is suitable for you:

    Take good care. Do come in to tell us how you feel. We are here to listen to you and we understand how you feel too.

  • Amy lee I so love to read your posts .They are filled with such positivity .well done you !

  • Dear Fifi,

    I was in great pain like many of you here. I had been through the tough time and now at remission. I do like to share my experience hoping that it can inspire as many sufferers as possible to see the light of hope in front and to believe that we can back to our normal life one day for sure. We just need sometimes to get to that.

    I am glad you do find my posts inspiring!

  • I've just watched the links that you posted .....very informative indeed .thank god we didn't have this condition 50 years ago .!

    I'm trying to remain positive I've just had second infusion yesterday and have been off work for nearly 6 months now .im praying this will work

  • I am glad you did watch them. These are indeed the most organized and informative videos that I have come across hence I posted here to share.

    I do wish the infusion work for you and you can get back to your work soonest. Let us know how you do after this, okay?

  • Yes I will thanks .

    But I'm seriouslythinking of getting medical pension.

    Mu job is too demanding even when you are on top health .

    I'm 53 and have to be realistic that the clock is ticking and if I want to go and travel I have to do it now .im thinking of heading to Thailand to teach English .

    Have to turn a negative to a positive :-)

  • Dear Fifi,

    At this age, if you like to do something for yourself, why not? Of course if you can afford it. Thailand is near Malaysia, if you happen to come down to Malaysia, then just message me. Who knows if we can meet up one day in another part of the world.

    To me, do what you like most and no regret in life one day when we look back.

  • Maybe we will meet one day just never know what's around the corner in this life :-)

  • Thank you so much for posting this. You are a sweetheart!!

  • Dear Suzannedale,

    I am glad you find these videos helpful. I believe only when we know what is going on with us, we can control better. I also believe good things and informative are meant to be shared.

  • Thank you kindly for sharing, Amy_Lee. πŸ‘ πŸ™

    Informative/ eye opening. πŸ‘ πŸ‘

    Much appreciated. πŸ™


    Would you consider posting at these forums as well?


    Arthritis Action:


    Wondering if (in the intervening 8 years since the posting of these videos in 2008), Dr. Michael H. Weismann ( ) is aware of the work of:

    Dr. Neal Barnard ( )

    Dr. Dean Ornish ( , )

    Dr. John McDougall ( )

    Dr. Michael Klaper ( )

    Dr. Michael Greger ( )

    . . . et al. . . . who've helped us RAers/ autoimmuners improve our illness(es) & even gotten us into long-term (permanent?) remission?

    Wondering if Abbott Laboratories [Humira (Adalimumab), etc. ], the sponsor of Dr. Weismann's presentations, is interested in working with the aforementioned physicians to understand how/ why dietary/ lifestyle approaches work for a growing number of us & why it fails some of us?


    I hope πŸ™ soon (or in near future) there's a "meeting of the (medical/ scientific) minds" to integrate all of these concepts, so us layman can more fully understand the healing process & root causes of autoimmune disease.

    Afterall, it would help explain how/ why some of us autoimmuners are improving/ healing & some of us are not doing as well. πŸ™

  • Hi Kai,

    Good information meant to be shared, therefore I do not mind to post it to the 2 places. However, I could only post it to NRAS: but not able to post it to Arthritis Action: I am not sure why.

    Please proceed to post and share it if you find the videos are good for any group to read. I am not sure if I have posted to NRAS correctly?

    Indeed, these are the most organized RA information that I have come across so far. A lot of my questions had been answered after viewing them.

    I don't believe by having dietary control, RA can be cured or into remission permanently. However, I do believe it does help to avoid flare up. I did not follow any dietary control, I only followed my rheumatologist instruction closely since day one, I was already in good shape after about a year of treatment. However, my rheumatologist only declared my remission after about 22 months' treatment. I believe she was being very careful to avoid any wrong declaration. After the medication, I continue to get better each day. I am basically back to my normal life many months back.

    She reduced my mtx from 8 x 2.5 mg to 6 x 2.5 mg in May 2016. When I saw her few days ago, she said though my disease is in good control now, she preferred to keep me with the same dosage for a while to ensure no flare up in future.

    I guess I might be the very lucky one to achieve this stage. My blood test results were almost perfect too. I am taking turmeric golden paste daily since a month ago, hopefully I will be off medication in future.

  • I hope so too Amy_Lee πŸ™ & wish you continued success. πŸ€

    As time goes along -- as our disease progression ebbs & flows (expresses & remits) over the years -- med cocktails ebb & flow too over the decades.

    Dietary/ lifestyle options are open to 1 & all -- no matter our phase of disease progression, or current mix of meds, or our age or life circumstances . . .

    If/ when 'the time is right', dietary/ lifestyle options are always open to us -- whenever (if ever) we choose to give them a go. πŸ‘ πŸ€—

    To good health! 🍹 😊 πŸ‘

  • Agree with you here. Dietary is always open to all of us who like to try. However, this should not replace the medication to avoid any further damage to our joints, it is just too big a risk to take.

  • Very much appreciate & respect your opinion, Amy_Lee. πŸ‘ πŸ™

    If you've time, would very much appreciate your opinion/ insights into each of the 'linked to' videos of Drs. Barnard, Ornish, McDougall, Klaper, Greger just noted above.

    If you've a chance to view each video, your (& all) perspectives are valued in trying to unravel the disease's mysteries.


    Here's a couple more where your insights/ experience would be valued:


    Dr. Richard Matthews:





    Dr. Monica Aggarwal:





    I realize it's asking a lot (takes time), but if you've a chance -- over time -- Amy_Lee, I'd appreciate your insights on each video/ audio. πŸ‘

    Cheers to continued good health. 🍹 πŸ™ πŸ€—

  • Dear Kai,

    You are very early, I suppose. Where are you from and what time is it over there? It is 5.38 pm, Sunday evening in Malaysia. I am not working these two days hence I actually spend a lot of time going through internet to see what I want to see.

    Today, I spend most of the time looking for links related to my son who studies in America right now. He has left home for many years, I do miss him a lot.

    As for the links that you sent me, I will try to go through and let you know my opinion. However, as I said, unless decided by my rheumatologist, I will not let go of the medication to avoid my health to be affected.

    In fact, I did went through some of their links and subscribed to their links too. Many emails were sent to me daily after that suggesting many good supplements where I am not ready to buy. Because my rheumatologist said that I should not take any supplement without their approval if I want to maintain my remission.

    No hard feeling, it is just different in opinion. May be you have the courage to go for dietary treatment and it works for you, but I am not prepared to try. As I said, I will adopt some good diet to maintain my remission and hope that my rheumatologist will stop my medication one day in future.

    I am a single mother, I cannot take any risk because my kids are still very much depend on me to complete their education.

  • Oh my goodness! 😳 😱 πŸ˜‚

    Apologies for the misunderstanding, Amy_Lee. πŸ™

    No one is suggesting or implying that you should not take your meds! 😱 πŸ™ƒ

    Your course of treatments/ approaches are very personal decisions between you & your physicians. Only you (& your physicians) understand the unique & nuanced aspects of your condition(s) & can assess what's best for you.


    I've been able to view videos & freely access information from each of the aforementioned physicians without having to 'subscribe' to anything & without receiving any emails or email suggestions to purchase supplements.

    [In fact, that seems pretty contrary to the over-riding point of many of the physicians who emphasise a 'whole foods' approach over supplementation. (Supplements are merely on an 'as-needed' basis to my understanding.)]

    Perhaps 'unsubscribing' from the offending websites would remedy the situation. It's understandably annoying receiving unwanted emails.


    Yes, you are indeed a most caring & loving mum getting your children through school & wisely not taking any health risks to jeopardize you or your chidren's future. πŸ™ πŸ‘ Much respect & deep admiration for your struggles & efforts, Amy_Lee. Your children are fortunate to have such a loving mum. πŸ€—

    I don't think I (or anyone) was suggesting you 'take risks.' Again, only you & your physicians know your full circumstances & no one else would dare presume make decisions for you.

    Thankfully, we have our own minds, wills, & medical teams to consult/ advise along the way. πŸ€—

    Wishing you continued wellness, Amy_Lee. πŸ€

  • I will try to see if I can unsubscribe the link. I could also access to their videos freely without subscribing to their link. Long before I joined here, I already had gone through some of their links. I kind of agree to them on the dietary aspect to maintain a healthy remission but I never agree dietary can reverse RA damage. Because of the agreeing, I subscribed to their videos and wanted to see more.

    When you sent me their link the first time I joined this group, I actually had gone through their links before but not all. Especially paddisonprogram, there was no full information given, always ended to request to pay for the program if I needed more details. I had gone through many videos of those people who claimed successfully reverse their RA after joining his program.

    I did not comment on your links because I felt that you were pushing to sell something to RA patients too. That is my own personal feeling, I am sorry if you are not.

  • Oh lΓ  lΓ  . . . 😳 😱 πŸ˜†

    Very humorous misunderstanding. πŸ˜† πŸ™ƒ πŸ˜‚

    No worries. all info free.

    Interested folks merely need take time/ effort to implement/ try for themselves:

    πŸ‘‰ (Dr. Klaper explains process much better than I can.)



    Abundant free info from aforementioned reputable physicians who have their own similar (same?) dietary approaches & approve of Paddison's approach as well. πŸ‘ (All sound/ reputable -- nothing 'crazy', extreme, or irresponsible . . . )

    Working with one's own personal physicians (as checks & balances) ensures 'safety'; we are properly monitored by our own health care team so 'no harm, no foul.' πŸ‘ πŸ€—


    It's not for everyone. Some folks don't care for it (too difficult(?)) and/ or don't see results(?).

    Others of us who receive results, LOVE it ❀️ (despite it being hard initially); thus, we share with others who may be interested.

    [For me, it's the difference between being debilitated versus being mobile. So, the early struggles were well-worth the lifestyle shifts (for me). πŸ‘ ]

    Much, much more difficult to be in chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, hobbling about, etc. than changing one's food, exercise, & mental habits. πŸ‘ (Merely my experience/ opinion; I understand (& appreciate) everyone's experience is unique/ different.)


  • Thank you Kai. I am very sorry to have the misunderstanding really. I actually do pick up here and there from what they said. Anyhow, I will seriously go through again.

    On another note, because of tested osteopenia recently, my doctor did advice me to take food with more calcium. I asked if I should take milk products? She said just go ahead because that is the main source of calcium. Therefore, despite skipping the milk product for 2 years, I started them again two weeks ago. I will see what my blood test going to be in Nov. Currently my blood test is almost perfect, I hope it can be maintained.

  • See reply below, Amy_Lee. (Reply too wide/ long for this narrow column.)

  • Amy_Lee as someone who has spent almost the last 6 months on the tight Paddison Program I feel almost ready to come of the last drug, MTX, which will be done with doctor's advice and slowly... In taking this final step towards recovery/remission whatever it may be called I have taken further steps to ensure my body is in very good health. As part of improving my body, I am clear that parts of my body improving include both my sinovial joints and my knee cartilage. The body is an amazing thing, that given the right conditions can largely recover by itself.

    I have lived for forty years with bad knee joints. 2 months ago my rheumy said, when I want them replaced both operations can be scheduled anytime. 6 Months ago I was facing a cliff-edge of RA bad health and drug regimes as powerful as any on these forums. Instead, I did my research and with the information absorbed about diet, muscular and neural health I am convinced that my body, and in particular my knees are on a road to better health - without any operations, and without any drugs.

    It is not an instant cure, and I have had some very bad days and nights. But I am definitely coming out the other side a richer human being. To conclude, at Easter I was housebound / in a wheelchair. Following the PP diet, two weeks ago I walked 8 miles in a wave of three totally pain & inflammation free days. Honestly I felt I was in heaven.

    This weekend I was hoping and expecting to be able to walk up a large hill. It didn't happen and I cried so much with disappointment caused by food/drink that triggered horrible pain and inflammation. But two days later I am back into recovery and will take further measures to ensure I do not eat those items again.

    I am & have blogged my journey at foodandarthritis.blogspot.c...

  • Dear andyswarbs,

    I do believe food that we take is one of the key factor to our health. I was back to quite normal, that meant I do really feel much pain when I moved around, 10 months after the medication though I was still not able to sit on the floor and squat down and I was getting very much better after that. Today, I am moving around and hiking away as usual, therefore I like to try out if milk products are the key to bad health?

    After these 2 weeks of drinking a glass of milk and a piece of cheese a day, I find okay. So I will continue the milk products further until the next blood test to tell if my results are okay. For food products that said no good to us, I keep a record of what I eat. I hope thing will go well.

  • No worries, Amy_Lee! πŸ‘

    We're 'all in the same boat', we're 'all on the same side' -- trying to unravel these disease mysteries. πŸ‘

    We all need to 'put our heads together' to figure out what works for us to get better. πŸ™ πŸ‘


    My understanding (from the aforementioned physicians) is that dairy (cheese, milk, etc. -- any animal products) for calcium is a big 'no-no' because it raises our body's inflammation. (Now I can't speak for whether it's true or not for you, Amy_Lee, but it is indeed true for me; so, I have to avoid all dairy & animal products (otherwise I flare). 😳 😱 πŸ˜– )

    The Klaper, Paddison, & above noted physicians agree that we obtain plenty of calcium from the abundant mounds of green leafy veg (in salads & blender drinks, etc.) & other whole foods we eat. So, it's not a matter of quantity of calcium obtained from non-dairy/ non-animal sources.

    But, it is a matter of improving bones via weight bearing exercise. 😳


    As you watch the Klaper videos, he states bone health is increased by weight bearing exercise (not by increasing calcium intake)! 😳 πŸ™ƒ

    (I know, this is not what we (or our physicians(?)) were taught & had drilled into us. It's the opposite. 😱 πŸ™ƒ )

    In fact, he explains too much calcium does the opposite for bone health! 😳 😱 (Now whether this is accurate or not, I've no way of knowing; therefore, I've no opinion. Leave it to the experts to 'hash out'.)

    [Aside: I can only note, over time (& my experience following/ implementing Klaper, Paddison, McDougall, et al.) their concepts have 'proven true for me'. I've no reason to doubt them at this point, as they've been spot on at each twist 'n turn of my journey. πŸ™ƒ πŸ˜† (Merely my own narrow/ limited experience.) And, at my last physican visit (to my medical team's continued astonishment) their only advice to me was "keep doing what you're doing❗️" (Now if that isn't a ringing endorsement of what these plant-based/ lifestyle physicians are saying, I don't know what is⁉️) πŸ€— ]

    He (Klaper) recommends, for example, walking with a weighted vest . . . (For myself, I use wrist & ankle weights. My wrists & ankles are now fine, so I'm able to do this without pain or ill effect.)

    [For folks with current joint pain, adding weights to improve bone health may be 'laughably impossible'! πŸ˜‚ Until the time when joint pain subsides, we can't possibly add weights when we're in excruciating pain!]

    When the pain eventually subsides, we may then be able to gently add light weights -- so long as we're not creating/ exacerbating pain.

    (We all have to use our judgement/ 'common sense' in assessing when we're ready & how much weight to add. Of course, we start off with light weights & only increase as we see fit. And, of course, we work with our medical team to ensure we're implementing soundly, sensibly, safely. πŸ‘ )


    Anyhoo, if you watch/ listen to the physicians noted, there's lots of free tips/ ideas on good sources of 'safe' calcium (that won't inflame us autoimmuners) & free tips/ ideas to improve our bone health. πŸ‘

    It's all there & freely available to each & every one of us. πŸ€—

    (And, if we're unsure or concerned, we consult with our own personal physicians. πŸ‘₯ )


    It does take time/ effort to watch (& note) all the free tips/ techniques that are applicable to our unique health circumstances. πŸ‘

    And, we don't know what will necessarily work for us (personally) until we try it for ourselves. πŸ‘

    It's 'in the trying' we discover whether it's working for us or not.

    It's that accumulation of doing 'many little things' that results in incremental improvements.

    All too frequently (it appears) there's no single '1-note thing' we have to do to improve/ heal -- it's a medley of multiple things (dietarily, movement/ exercise, thought . . .) we have to do simultaneously consistently, persistently -- over time -- that nudges us into remission.


    It's not easy (especially when we are profoundly unwell), but it is doable. πŸ‘

    It's 'work' -- hard work.

    As you know, Amy_Lee, from your personal journey that you've kindly shared with us -- it can be a long, slow, arduous process -- over time.

    We can get there with persistence, practice -- trying, trying, trying . . .

    Never giving up! πŸ€— πŸ‘


  • Dear Kai,

    I did watch a lot of these kind of videos highlighting that no red meat, no daily products and so on to avoid inflammation and leaky guts, therefore I stopped taking the daily products for 2 years. I hardly take red meat, so that is not a problem to me at all. I also know that the green vegetables do provide us with calcium and so on. However, since my physician said that food should not be the issue hence I like to put that back into my diet one at a time. So far so good after about 2 weeks really. I yet to see my blood test later in Nov.

    Like what you said, my physician did tell me just do what I do and eat what I eat. May be let me try this round and I will decide. Yes, I am watching those links that you suggested. It certainly takes time because I have a full time work to do. In addition, not all the weekends I will be available, some weekends I will be involved with voluntary work. Therefore, I will take it slowly, after all, these are revision for me.

    Thanks for taking so much time to write so much to me. I know you worry as much as I do. We do not want to go back to those painful days. I never fail to do my exercise every morning.

  • You've got it, Amy_Lee! πŸ‘

    You're doing the right thing for you. πŸ‘

    Only you will know whether something is working for you (or not) by trying it on yourself -- over time. πŸ‘

    You've got it! πŸ€—


    If/ when something isn't working, we tweak what we're doing. 😜

    It's on-going & ever-evolving. ♻️

    We need pay close attention to what our body is telling us & 'trial & error' test as needed. πŸ€“

    We 'some how, some way' figure things out for ourselves over time. πŸ€”


    Precisely‼️ βœ”οΈ

    We NEVER want to go back to the way things were. 😱 😫 😞 😴 πŸ˜– 😷 😳

    So, we're ever-vigilant to pay attention to what we're doing. πŸ€“

    Keep using your brain (& sound judgement) & you will figure out what works for you as your condition evolves. πŸ€— πŸ‘ πŸ€


    It's never quite 'static'.

    It's typically a subtle/ nuanced 'evolution':


    Like an intimate dance πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸƒ

    or playing a fiddle 🎻 🎢 .


    We learn how to do it through practice.


    We try to 'stay on top of' any hints of inflammation/ progression to minimise/ avoid an inflammatory cascade. πŸ‘

    πŸ€ πŸ™

  • My doctor said that I am still very new in RA hence I have a lot to learn. May I know a flare up for you after how long you took the milk products? How it took you to go back to normal?

  • (Probiotic) kefir (from cow's milk) -- large serving.

    Flared the following morning -- roughly guess-timating within 12 hours (?) of ingesting.

    Took several days to nearly a week (?) for flare to subside. πŸ˜–

    (Scared the bejesus out of me‼️ 😱

    Will never do that again‼️ 😳 )

  • What? It flare-up the next day and took nearly a week to subside? That really means you should not take it anymore from now on.

    I have taken the milk products for 2 weeks already, no issue so far, thanks God for the blessing. However, I do not know your condition really? Were/Are you also in remission then and now? How long was your remission, if you were, before you tried the milk product? I hope you do not mind to share because I am learning to be in better control.

  • See reply below, Amy_Lee. (Reply too wide/ long for this narrow column.)

  • Excellent‼️

    Tis indeed wonderful blessing, Amy_Lee‼️ πŸ€— πŸ™

    If digestive system & gut microbiome (leaky gut) is well enough to not be affected by ingesting dairy products, then that truly is a blessing‼️ πŸ™ πŸ€—

    Rejoice‼️ REJOICE‼️ πŸŽ‰ 🎈 πŸ‘ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜‚ πŸ€—


    I know some folks (in remission) who ingest a small bit of animal 'meat' on rare occasion & they do not relapse. πŸ‘

    I don't know if your experience (& their experience) have to do with you're gut 'healing' well enough to be able to now handle animal products?

    (Merely subjective personal opinion, please be very very careful. Backsliding & having to 'climb out of' a relapse is a pain/ nuisance.)

    Maybe it's a situation where ingesting a 'little bit' won't tip us into flare but a larger quantity could tip us into flare?

    A mystery/ puzzlement . . .


    Some guests (on the podcasts) have theorized that if we're ingesting a LOT of anti-inflammatory foods, that might help neutralize the effect of an inflammatory food? (Sounds plausible. πŸ€” )

    Also, Clint Paddison has also 'theorized' (if that's the correct word) that we may be able to get 'away with' a small amount of an inflammatory food on rare occasion, but if we do it too frequently (or it becomes 'routine') we could re-ignite the inflammatory flame & lapse back into disease state. (I strongly suspect his speculations are spot on. It does ring true.)

    [Personally, I daren't "test the limits" as it was hard work & took a long time to get into remission, I'm not about to do anything to jeopardize progress.]


    Agreed. Will never ingest (cow milk kefir) ever again. That was early on (years(?) ago) when I was 'trial & error' testing with probiotic foods & didn't know about not ingesting 'animal' kefir.

    No, don't think I was in (full) remission then, as I was 'learning/ experimenting as I went along' -- over time. (This was quite a while back.) [Mistakenly thought because it was "probiotic" it was 'good for me'/ safe. Foolishly guzzled a hearty (delicious πŸ˜‹) serving but paid a terrible price for error.] Gradually recovered & resumed way toward remission -- even though it was a disheartening/ unpleasant set back. (Lesson learned. πŸ™ƒ)

    Yes, in remission now from RA/ autoimmune for some time. πŸ‘ πŸ™ Continuing to implement & practice techniques shared by many kind people & am (thankfully) continuing in remission. πŸ‘ πŸ™ πŸ€—


    No matter the phase or length of time in remission -- I suspect (as others have 'theorized'), if 'bad habits' start creeping back into our (disciplined) routines, we can lapse back into disease state over time.

    (Scary, scary thought.)

    If any autoimmuner is up for 'tempting fate', they've certainly an adventurous spirit! πŸ‘»

    [Personally, the fear/ horror of the experience (& having to re-work toward recovery) keeps me on 'straight & narrow'. Mind you, I've made (abundant) foolish/ ignorant mistakes along the way & succumbed to an occasional temptation. Yet, I'm ever-vigilant to avoid lapsing back into bad habits.


    A rare bite or sip of 'a naughty' is 1 thing -- a routine dining on a serving of a naughty is quite different! 😁

    (Perhaps it's different for each autoimmuner, but I'm careful not to 'tempt fate.')

    Our genetic predisposition toward disease has already revealed itself -- by whichever flavour of autoimmune disease(s) we manifest -- & to restoke that inflammation is (literally) 'playing with fire'. πŸ”₯

    We really need to learn/ know our body well & exercise sound judgement.

    It's a juggling act -- a delicate balancing act. βš–

    You will learn what works for you -- better than any physician or fellow sufferer can explain. πŸ‘ πŸ™ πŸ€—

  • Oh, forgot to tell you, Amy_Lee: Shaun94 (fellow RAer from NRAS forum) was on one of the podcasts! πŸ€— πŸ‘

    He beautifully explains his experience (πŸ’©-⁉%EF%B8%8F-toilet-time-🚽-with-shaun ).

    Some of his insights may interest you. πŸ‘ πŸ™

  • Thanks, Kai. I will digest it later and feedback to you on what I think.

  • Thank you for sharing. Great information.

  • Hi Helloshelly,

    Yes, agree with you on this. These are the most well organized videos on RA that I found. One can easily understand what RA is all about after watching the videos.