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I hate Crohn's

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I am so fed up today. I have been feeling well for about three months using Adalimumab injections but this week been in a flare. I'm currently lying in bed feeling exhausted and in so much pain. I hate this so much because I thought I was heading for a possible long term remission. Sorry for moaning.

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Sorry to hear you are feeling so low but being a long term sufferer of UC I know how you feel. These illnesses are very mood lowering swings and roundabouts, up days and down days. Hang in there good times are just around the corner.😅😜

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PinkMama83 in reply to Dalebury

Thank you for your reply. I just needed to vent, definitely having a low spell right now.

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casinolife in reply to Dalebury

I feel your pain!Down for 2 weeks with that flare up. Had to start back on steroids. Try green tea that's hot with wild honey and put that heating pad on the gut on low.

PinkMama please never feel you have to say sorry for feeling how you do. Crohns is horrible but hang on in there and treat yourself with kindness. My thoughts are with you. I am also having a Crohns flare up. 12 steroids tabs a day and i so hate the effect steroids have on ones body and mind. But we will get through it as we have done many times before. Now where did i put my hot water bottle!

Never feel you have to apologize for “moaning”. Most of us if not all have been there so understand. That is what this forum is for. Sorry to hear you are feeling the way you are and hope things improve for you soon.

Wow thank you all so much for all your messages, I can't explain how much that means to me right now. I don't want anyone to feel as awful as I do but there is something so comforting to know that someone else properly understands what it's like. Other people sympathize but it's not that same. I hope you all stay strong with your flares and get better soon. I just need to give myself a shake and snap out of this funk. Thanks again x

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