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Please help with symptoms

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Hey !

Hope everyone is doing fine! I need your help please. Its been 2 months now in the morning as soon as i wake up within 5 mins my lower abdomen begans blenching or bloated and then i have to poop . The poop is not water but not in shape as well . I poop once a day but my poop is not in shape and its been two months , no blood nothing but stomach gas and not so solid poop. Please help is this a sign of ibd????

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Hi. I assume that you haven’t been diagnosed with IBD? Any change in bowel habits should be reported to your doctor, so that is your first step.

In the meantime, try eating low residue foods (you can Google to see what they are) to relax your bowel and hopefully improve your symptoms.

Let us know how you get on.

What is your current diet like, are you eating pretty healthy

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Yes its healthy

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I would suggest make an appt with your GP. Discuss the symptoms and see what they think - urgency and blood are clear signs of something, so your symptoms may indicate something or nothing - it’s time to find out, 2 months is a fair retime to wait for improvement.

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