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Crohns and medication

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I was diagnosed with Crohns around 8 months now after being miss diagnosed for years. My specialist won't give me any medication to help with my crohns is this normal. He sid do a 8 week trail of steroids which really helped but now nothing, just got told its going to get worse good bye I no longer need to see you. What does everybody else take for there crohns

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Had my diagnosis over 30 years ago. First treatments were Prednisolone (steroids) followed by maintenance dose of Olsalazine. In more recent years treatment has been Azathioprine. I know there are Biologics available now, which some people take. Never been left without meds.

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Daisy50 in reply to SORRELHIPPO

The specialist will not give me anything as he said they are powerfull drugs and some of the meds can give cancer. I suffer with cold sores so was told he couldn't give me meds as it causes cold sores and it would eat my face away. Ect ect. I am now at a loss as what to do. I keep getting crohns flares its driving me mad the paib is terrible.

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bantam12 in reply to Daisy50

You need to change Dr asap as this one is not doing you any good !!

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Daisy50 in reply to bantam12

We only have the one specialist on island so its a pain

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bantam12 in reply to Daisy50

If you can't get to another Dr you will have to try and make this one understand that you need medication to prevent flare ups.

Be thankful it was 8 months. It has been37 years for me.

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Daisy50 in reply to cle207

I have has it longer then 8 months as I was miss diagnosed. It was 8 months ago I got my diagnosis. I've had it years

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cle207 in reply to Daisy50


Try SCD Diet maybe

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Daisy50 in reply to NL88

I will look into this thank you

I take crass 3 times a day and questron up to 3 times a day if required usually once it's a horrible drink. Amoxoclav if I get a flare up.

Not too bad at the moment.

You need to go back to your pcp and get a new referral to a Gastro as they need to be managing your Crohn’s. It will not just get better on its own.

Yes, steroids is usual for first line treatment to get your inflammation under control, then you generally are put on a maintenance drug and you are monitored at the very least twice a year if stable, and more if you are not.

It sounds like your specialist has discharged you from care. Call them and ask why?

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Daisy50 in reply to Hobbits

He just said it was crohns, it will get worse and that he would not give me meds for crohns as theybate poweful meds.

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