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Cutaneous Crohns

I was diagnosed with Cutaneous Crohns Anogenital Granulomas, causing Lymphadema and reoccurring Cellulitus infections 2 years ago. I have no idea if this version of Crohns has any similarities to Crohns of the Gut/Bowels, but would like to hear from anyone who has the same symptoms. I am told this is a very rare condition, and even the Doctors look at me with a blank expression. ( Thank goodness for Prof Mortimer) .

My symptoms include; Fast pulse, no temperature but skin feels like it’s burning, lethargic, body feels like it’s shutting down, eyes are glazed, nausea, fatigue, anxious and intermittent arthritis.

As much as I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, it would be good to find someone who has also been diagnosed with this condition, just so we can share experience and notes.

Many thanks for reading, Debbie

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Hi, I believe this is the same as metatastic crohns disease (MCD), and only a small population of crohns sufferers will be affected by this.

have you a diagnosis of crohns in the gut also?


Hi Willow, no I do not have Crohns of the Gut.

Do these symptoms ring true with MCD?



Hi, from what I have researched yes. There are a few cases where there has been no previous diagnosis of gut crohns. There are a few research papers out there on the internet but they are heavy going!


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