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Diverticular disease

Hi All,

Could you help me as I went to hospital today and saw general surgery consultant and he told me as I'm been diagnosed with diverticular disease which I've had for many years. The pain I have on my left hand side of my stomach is due to my diverticular disease. However when I've looked on line not alot of people suffer pain plus it should not cause weight loss. I lost so much weight and I feel fatigue all the time....ive had virtual colonoscopy and MRI scan plus blood test....Could anyone advise me? I've had a colonoscopy in past however had a reaction to sedative plus extremely painful procedure so they had to abandon it.

Thanks so much!


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Iv looked after many patients with diverticular disease that experience pain and weight loss during a flare up. during inflammation the nerve endings become painful and will reduce absorption of fluids etc through the bowel wall. Also if you have abdo pain it is natural instinct to eat less. fatigue can also be a symptom of poor absorption.

have you noticed any fevers or feel you are spiking a temperature at all? flare ups of diverticular disease can cause abscesses which will definitely cause increased pain

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Thanks so much for replying. Had 3 flare up this year.



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