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Hi everyone,

I'm being sent to see a Gastroenterologist in May to try and diagnose me.

My symptoms are:

Constipation (usually have a bowel movement every 3 days on average).

Stomach pain (usually a dull ache everyday,around my navel or lower abdomen.Some flare up of cramps about once a month).

Excess wind

Occasional nausea

Persistent fatigue

Weight lose of about 6lbs but weight is now stable.Can't tolerate fatty foods .

I've only had diarrhoea twice in 4 months which goes after 24 hours.

No blood on stools or vomiting.

I did have frequent stomach bugs last year that shown up as infections in my bloodtests.

I'm going to try and pay for a capsule endoscopy to check all of my digestive system (if the Gastro recommends it).

I'm a little concerned if it'll be IBD instead of IBS.I know they symptoms can be different but I've read so much conflicting information I'm now so confused!

What do you guys think?

Thank you for reading this :)

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If you can't tolerate fatty foods, don't eat them. It's likely that your gastroenterologist will tell you to eliminate them from your diet. Is a capsule endoscopy the procedure that helps diagnose gastrointestinal disease by photographing the upper digestive tract? Two months ago my gastroenterologist performed an upper endoscopy to diagnose my condition, and a few days ago to see if it had responded to treatment. It had.


Thanks for the reply!Yeah I cut out what fats I can,I don't eat takeaway or processed foods or anything cooked in fat. I limit my sugar intake too. Trouble is because of that I've lost over half a stone so I'm trying to sustain my weight by eating 'healthy fats' like yogurts,smoothies and nuts.

From what I read a Capsule Endoscopy takes photographs of your entire digestive tract including the small intestine. You swallow a pill cam which passes in your stool and sends photographs to the transmitter you wear. Think it's about £500 to get done privately.

I don't think it's suitable if you need a biopsy or if you're suspected of having a bowel obstruction. There's only something like 0.75% chance of it becoming stuck but if it does you need an endoscopy to retrieve it.

I'm looking into it as I'd like the reassurance that all of my system has been checked but if they do find anything, it could be a waste of money as I'd need a scope for a biopsy anyway.

Fingers crossed it won't get that far but I'm not getting anything done until I see the Gastro as the GPs have given up diagnosing me.


It sounds like you have a good plan.


You probably have ulcerative colitis or Crohns disease



I would ask for a stool test to check for inflammation if possible before you see the consultant. This is a fairly new test available in the last 2-3 years my consultant told me and it was one of the key tests that led to my diagnosis of crohn's although I also have functional gut disorder.

Your gp can request this its called a faecal calprotectin test and tests for inflammation not infection.

I also had lots of other investigations including barium follow through, small bowel mri, repeat colonoscopy and loads of bloods as I had low iron low b12 and low folate levels. I also now have low vitamin D which can give a lot of varying symptoms.

I take a lot of medication for pain and (mainly) diarrhoea such as buscopan colofac, immodium capsules and questran powder if I'm having unmanageable diarrhoea. I also had 1 year of the steroid budesonide which helped me enormously.

I take a good probiotic called quest mega 8 I take it with meals once a day or twice if I'm very symptomatic. I think I underestimated the help and support that a good probiotic can give. I used to take one called biocare acidophilus which was very good but looking back I wasn't taking it at the right time I was taking it to calm my symptoms when I was so unwell I was missing meals and still having diarrhoea. Now I take the quest one with food with better results.

Hope this helps a bit.

Take care


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