Crohns ??

Hi im new...i have had bowel probs for 2years and have a distended bowel..colonoscopy was fine but showed a thickend terminal ileum...pain always there right iliac awaiting mri scan to show theres enough room so the camera capsule can go through,my faecal sample was high and consultant said i show all the signs of crohns...this has been going on since november when i was admitted for 6 days..1 consultant says he is not convinced its crohns...will camera capsule show ive got crohns if it doesnt get stuck ??

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  • So sorry for your pain and bowel problems!

    How high was your calprotectine (and what range)?

    A capsule can show inflammation (it doesn't notice light inflammation) but only a biopsy can show if it is Crohn's. Did they take biopts at the colonoscopy?

  • Hiya,i dont know what level it was recently but when i was in hospital for 6days they said my level was through the roof and at that point i was told i had crohns but my new consultant is not convinced thats why i have to have the capsule x

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