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Hi everyone! My name is Meridee and I was diagnosed with Crohns nine years ago. I was seeing my family physician after seeing some really bad GI doctors until the beginning of this month. I found a GI doctor that I like... however, after seeing this new GI 8 found out that they been treating my Crohns with wrong medication which actually made it worse... So now we are preparing to start new medication.

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Hi there, as my mother in law used to say you couldn't make it up!!! That's really bad!! Where do you live?


I live in Iowa. I just talked to my new GI and now he has me on vitamin D3 and I have already started to make a difference. I just hate it because I always hear "oh your so young for all these health problems". It so just so frustrating.


Yes I understand, it upset me to see babies with colostomy bags!! I asked my stoma nurse what was the youngest age he had seen someone with a colostomy bag? He said new borns!! I'm glad your starting to feel better, there's so much more to this disease than I realised. Everyone reacts differently to different foods. I definitely believe dairy is the main culprit and sugar. Dosnt help when the people your dealing with don't know what they are doing as in your case!! But fortunately you've found someone who can help you now. I live in the UK, and apart from the doctor who told me to put a hot water bottle and soak in the bath and keep good posture to relieve my pain!! I've been looked after very well by the hospital I went to. Even though there work load is immense!! Fingers crossed you improve very quickly now and can enjoy doing things again😀🙏🏻

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