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Still in alot off pain

Hi i had a bowel resection in febuary the op went wrong ended back in theatre three times with punctured bowel i recovered from that to cut the story short i am still in lot off pain right side and i have a fistular in the stomach no bowel stuff coming out thank god just lots off snotty fied mucus my gp treats it as infection i am wondering will thay be a end to this pain i am due to see surgeon couple off weeks but he wont be intrested can anybody shed a light on this pain please i have ilelium crohns

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Aww I'm really sorry to hear the trauma you're going through.i hope you get well soon. I've just had a bowel resection of the ileum and I had a fistula and an absess. My recovery has been terrible due to having a leak, ive had a blood transfusion and im on very strong antibiotics.i haven't got any advice apart from stay strong hun 😆


Hi hun, have you been tried on a long term antibiotic plan with metronidazole (aka flagyl) or ciprofloxacin? these antibiotics treat the bad anaerobic bacteria in the intestines and can be used for months. unfortunately as your aware a fistula is a channel that shouldn't be there and can be any length. unfortunately it is better to allow a fistula to heal slowly, especially when it cannot be packed with dressings. this avoids areas of fistula healing unevenly thus avoiding pockets of infection to remain, which will once again become an abcess and then another fistula. what pain relief are you on, something like amitryptilline or gaberpentin may be useful as they are fantastic in neuropathic pain. obviously a fistula will cause nerve damage, and during the healing process when nerves repair themselves, it too can cause pain. hope this helps some x


My pain relief is mst slow relise morphine 60mg twice a day codine 2 four times a day pregablin twice a day tramalife twice a day so a lot off pain tablets and still in pain I see consultants on thursday as when I had mri that said I had bit off metal inside off me I was wondering if that anything to do with the infection hope your well x


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