Runners/running group in Cambridge?

I will be back in Cambridge in May and would like to find some other (slow) c25k runners in the area. I have been plodding along with the programme for quite a while. I have always run alone but some company would be nice if there is anyone out there. Keeping my fingers crossed that I may be near the end of the programme by the time I get to Cambridge as this is third time lucky. So far so good and no injuries.

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  • There's a ParkRun at Milton, maybe go along there one week? I'm sure you'd be able to meet some local runners and find out about a club. I'm the other side of Huntingdon so no good as a running partner. I'm sure you'll find someone, there are loads of runners in Cambridge. You could try Facebook too.

  • Thanks for the info. I looked at the website and will try to get out there one Saturday. There are bus directions on the website.

    Thanks again.


  • There is a free running group, which I think has only recently started. Sundays 8:30am meeting at Harston Surgery, Harston. Contact Paul Stokes 07825 908579. Its aimed at people who want to increase their fitness and run distances.

  • Thanks so much for the running group info- that is really what I am looking for I think. I don't have a car in Cambridge so really need something in the city.

    Many thanks


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