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W4R1 - Time to confess

It's confession time. I have to admit that I felt like giving up this morning before even starting W4. The reason being that part of doing C25K was to take part in a sponsored 5k Fun Run in Sheffield for TASTE a water charity. This was due to take place on 8 June. I heard this morning that the date has been changed to 6 July. Unfortunately because of work my wife and i will be out of the country. Felt really dejected. However if any of you good folks on the C25K community wanted to take part that would be great. Details here. 5k is the distance some people in Nigeria have to walk to get fresh water,

BUT as they say on University Challenge - I've started so I'll finish. And finish I did. Oh dear, 5 mins is a long time when you're feeling really exhausted.

The 3 min jogs were fine. As you have already done 3mins on W3 you know that you can do that. But 5mins is an unknown quantity in terms of continuous jogging even at a light pace. However if you have the determination you can do it.

My thanks to those who encouraged me to go for it and not stick on W3.

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Oh drat, what a nuisance that your initial reason for training has been snatched away from you :(

However, look at the positives: you did get out there and start the running for week 4 - great! Your overall fitness will improve with every outing! You will soon conquer the 5 mins and the 10 and 20 and you'll be so chuffed with yourself as you remember your state of uncertainty when 3 mins first challenged you. ;)

There will be other 5k events for charities or just for fun - you can still organise your own fund raising and contribute to TASTE - an amazingly good cause!

Stick with C25K, move onwards and upwards to graduation and keep us posted about your progress. Lots of luck and best wishes. Linda x


Sorry to hear your date has been changed but there will hopefully be another run that you could do. Don't let it put you off as you have done the hardest bit of it all (in my opinion). Good luck and keep on blogging. :)


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