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Anyone using RunKeeper? I'm stuck on something

I started using RunKeeper today, I found it quite easy to set up and enter all the info I needed. I created an activity, set the distance for 5k with a 5 min warm up and cool down. So far so good. It gave me updates for distance like I set it to but I didn't get cues for the end up the warm up or the start of the cool down. I've looked in the audio cue list of options and can't find what I need. Does anyone know what I mean?

Also when it said I'd got to 5k I stopped running and the app then said I still had 0.44k to go- is this just a GPS cock-up?

Thanks :)

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Maybe the app was saying that you had gone 5k including the warm up. And yet the actual run distance was still 0.44 short?


Ah, could be that! That would make sense. I think I might just ditch the warm up and cool down then if it's not going to count it separately. Thanks :)


I've checked and you're right. That would explain the pace too, 6.52 and I'm normally about 6.30.


:) glad you've sorted.


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