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Week 2 run 1 done!

Well, we did it. Got the first longer run done, and it wasn't as bad as I thought (even with my current reduced lung capacity ). Of course I say run, but light jog is more apt!

I did have two "issues" with today though. When lovely Laura said land heels first I got all self aware and got a bit wobbly. Better when I don't worry about technique I think. Also both me and hubbie found we could not breathe like she suggested (4 steps of the left foot in etc). Asthma and cough at mo don't allow it!

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Haha I could never breathe like that either - glad it is not just me.

Well done on your running- how lovely that you are doing it together.

X x


First of all, well done on succeeding with the next step of the programme!!

Secondly, don't worry about either of your 'issues' today. There are plenty of people who don't find it comfortable to land heel first. Infact, if you read this blog and the link in it, you'll see that even the NHS themselves now recommend landing in the middle of your foot, not on your heel. Laura hasn't been updated yet, that's all.

As for the second point, about breathing, don't beat yourself up about that one either. I've played the trombone regularly for nearly 25 years now and I can't manage 4 paces. 2 is more realistic for me. I don't think it matters, really. The point is just to think about your breathing and keep it under some kind of control.

Hope thi shelps, and well done again!! :-)


Well done!!! I agree, Laura's techniques seem a bit odd now but in a few weeks time when you've settled into a steady jog for a longer period of time you'll see what she means (though I still land in the middle of my foot, there're mixed views on that subject).

Just keep going with whatever makes you feel comfortable, technique and breathing and all that jazz will fall into place later :) good luck with the rest of the week


I did W2R1 today and the breathing instructions confused me too! I hadn't been focused on breathing - it was happening without me worrying - but as soon as I started to count, my breathing went to pieces. Took me a minute or two to ignore it and get back to normal (sorry, Laura). Last run was tougher that I thought - was glad when Laura said I could stop!


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