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Change of scenery definitely does help

I was away on holiday over easter, which meant that W6R2 was done in the Czech Republic, W6R3 was done in Austria and W7R1 was done in Slovakia. It was so nice to be in somewhere completely unusual to do these runs, it kept it very interesting.

I had to do W7R2 and W7R3 in my usual stomping ground (excuse the pun) and it was no where near as enjoyable. I have quite a nice route but thinking that finding somewhere different to run for Week 8 has to be done or insanity might prevail.

It is completely incomprehensible to me how people can run these sort of lengths on a treadmill.

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Sounds wonderful! How fantastic to have had the opportunity to run in these places. I went a slightly different route yesterday. It wasn't terribly interesting but at least it mixed it up a bit!


I've had the same experience. I ran in France when we were there for a was great :) I am now on W8R1 and I have changed my usual route for a bit of variety. I find the time goes so quickly and I don't focus so much on my breathing pattern and it is so much easier. I also find it difficult to imagine doing this on a treadmill. Keep up the good work.....we are almost graduates :-D


I like trying out different routes too, but haven't yet done anything quite as exotic as four different countries for consecutive runs! It's much more interesting then to come back to the 'home' run to see whether it's got any faster/further in the same time.

My last run was in woodland - that was altogether different, hopping over twigs and logs, and getting tripped up by trailing brambles - it slowed me down a lot, but is apparently very good strength training (I think that's what it's supposed to be good for, anyway, it was hard work, but fun!)


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