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A strange three weeks and now going backwards!

Three weeks ago I was so nearly there, finished week 6 and running 25 mins. But my knees were hurting, my ankle was hurting so I decided to give it a rest for a week and go on the exercise bike instead.....and then the snow came! Never seen anything like it, some of my running routes are still impassable now! So that was two weeks lost. We went south for Easter and the running kit went too. I went back to week 6 run 2 and just about managed (had to walk a bit on the second 10 mins). I've run twice since then and got worse each time! Didn't even manage the first 10 mins yesterday. My glass half empty head is quite disheartened, but my glass half full head is saying - at least I'm going out there and running.

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why do you think you're finding it difficult to get back in to it? physical or mental? Maybe drop back to werk 4 and pick up from there? :-) well done for getting back on it though despite the enforced rest!


Go back to week 4 or 5 with that glass half full in your hand. This could all be down to the very cold air going for your breathing. You may also be setting off too fast too soon, so drop your early running speed down a bit and build up once you are into a comfortable stride. You will get back there you just need to believe in yourself and shut out those demon thoughts.

All the very best, slow and steady wins the race in the long run!! :)


Nice and slowly, and you'll get there! And you're absolutely right - at least you are back out there running :)


Thanks for all the advice, I do think I have a mental block with week 6! I'm going back to week 6 run 1 - see how I go!


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