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Excruciating knee pain :-(


Having to postpone any type of exercise due to most horrendous knee pain

Finished week 1 (did 4 runs) then took pains on my left knee so postponed week 2 for 8 days

Tried wk2 r1 and was up all night in pain

Gutted beyond words :-(

Need to get it checked properly but think I'm going to have to give up my 5k goal for my sons birthday goal

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Oh no! Definitely get it checked out - it's a funny old joint the knee.

If it doesn't settle try physio - they may be able to help with some exercises.

Hope it improves soon :(


I feel so sorry for you Michelle76. I started running last year (not C25K) with everything going fine then I also got knee problems. The only thing I could think of being the cause was changing my regular route with was mainly downhill. I recovered after plenty of rest but was absolutely gutted. Please don't give up.

Sorry to hear that your knee is giving you some grief .... hopefully a trip to the Doc will help things along. I just got over a spot of knee trouble myself (rested for a week or so and now things seem better). Hang on in there and don't give up yet ... tomorrow is another day :)


This is so sad. Knees are the proof that either god does not exist or he had a bad design day when he was doing them.

I suffered a lot and it is all about the muscle balance. If you are starting to exercise, then it could be that one set is getting stronger than the others.

I was set strengthing exercises by my GP that entailed my leg horizontals itch the heel supported. Then I pushed the knee down (straightening), then relaxing (slightly bent). I would do 20 plus whenever I could and it really helped.

Anyway go and see your GP and get it checked out. I hope it is nothing other than the bad design issue!

Also note. Do not land on your heals when running. This will also mess you up. The audio is WRONG see the website for advise and land mid foot.

Thanks for the replies. I danced for years and think its from this my knees are knackered. Have a docs appointment booked :-(

Michelle x


Are you running outdoors or on the treadmill? Apparently the treadmill is 'kinder'. I'm an outdoors runner - the treadmill terrifies me but I've noticed as the runs get longer I'm now getting sore knees too. Directly after the run and the following day. The landing on the heel info is interesting. There's nothing scientifical about my shambling 'plod' so I will pay attention tonight to how I'm landing. Well done with your efforts


So sorry you are suffering with your knees. Now I am no medical expert but just wanted to share my experience. I have had knee surgery in the past and am generally careful not to do more damage, however I set off with this plan and on the second run developed pain just as you are describing which was keeping me awake and my knees felt very unstable the next day. I was detirmined not to give up and promised my husband that I would make a GP appointment very soon if no improvement so I persevered. I think my biggest problem was being overweight and unfit! So I bought some neoprene knee supports, deep freeze, deep heat and voltarol gel. I strapped my knees when i went out running (plodding) and then as soon as I got in, took them off, applied deep freeze waited and rested for about 10 minutes then showered. After my shower, voltarol gel on with knee supports back on top and rest until bedtime or gentle movements during the day. I used the deep heat the following day if needed. By the time I started week 4, not only were the supports rolling down my legs when running but the pain was going. So I now have adjusable knee supports and honeslty get no pain at all, not even the pain I was getting before I even started running so I am guessing my fat/unfit theory was a bit right.

See you GP and dont despair, you will get there. :)

Please go to a sports physion and not your GP - unless your GP is a runner or sporty person. Honestly, GPs are lovely but the sports physio is the only one who will give you spot on advice and treatment. I have much experience of bad knees, doctors and physios :)

On a rude note can I ask if you are overweight? Apart from my dodgy knee I had foot and hip pain when I was heavier, losing weight fixed those totally.

MittsGraduate in reply to Jane-M

From painful personal experience I can only second this, Michelle. Go to a sports physio too unless your doc is a sporting expert - and not many are.

I don't know what's wrong with your knee, but this is an interesting video:


It takes a moment to get going but there are some good tips. I had runner's knee and it put me out for a couple of months, mainly because I didn't rest enough at the start.

Hope you get sorted soon!

kateanna in reply to Jane-M

Hi Jane-M.

As a GP I couldn't agree more( with both of your comments, especially the GPs being lovely!) . I am just about to make an appointment with a sports physio about hip pain.

Thanks for the replies. I danced for years and think its from this my knees are knackered. Have a docs appointment booked :-(

Michelle x

Yep overweight so know its that that's contributing to it.

Off walking today so keeping up fitness regime!

Thanks for the replies x

Thanks for the replies. I danced for years and think its from this my knees are knackered. Have a docs appointment booked :-(

Michelle x

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