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The Knees have behaved


After completing week 6 I was worried that I had done damage to my knees, I followed the advice given and rested them from Friday until this evening (usually run in the mornings)

so drove back from Derbyshire to Medway (now we want to move to Derbyshire) and felt I needed a run.

My daughter came with me on her bike which kind of spurred me on and gave me something to focus on.

So week 7 run one done and the knees did not hurt, I did get in a a cool / cold bath after and that helped. it is not the breathing for me that is a problem, more the legs that need to get used to the pace.

Might stick to evenings this week and see if it makes a difference.

Might go to Aldi on Thursday as they have got some running gear in :-) :-)

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Hi! Lovely blog, glad your knees are ok, and so nice your daughter came along for encouragement/distraction for you. :-)

I will be popping to Aldi too - I wear their mens running tights that I picked up on a whim back in June last year, before I'd even heard of C25K; they have worn really well (I wear them under other gym trousers as don't want to inflict just lycra covered wobbly butt on the public) and dry really quickly which is good as I only have the one pair and no tumble drier!!! Will be a luxury to have more! :-)


I'm glad your knees are okay, and how nice that your daughter came with you :) I love it here in Derbyshire but the hills can be a bit of a challenge occasionally 8-) Thanks for the tip about Aldi - I'll have to go and see what I can pick up!

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

Ack - I meant :O not 8-) sorry :D

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