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Achillies repair

Hello, long time since been in here as had my last run in September to to a tear in my achilles that refused to heal despite physio, ultrasound and lithotripsy. So yesterday I finally had surgery to fix it. They sorted 2 bits of the tendon and shaved a bit of bone but think the tendon will heal no problem if I take it slowly and do as am told.

Quite painful today and up to my eyes with Tramadol and co-codrymol. Tramadol is hideous and makes me itchy and headachy but does help with the pain. So here I am in crutches for the 4th time in 12 years!!

Anyway, I am planning a 5k round Central Park when I am in NY in November. I think this is achievable even though I will have to do C25K from scratch. Good thing is, I know I can do the programme as done it before with a torn achillies.

Hope everyone else is keeping up with their running.

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Goodness. That sounds like determination. Hope you'll be off the pain relief soon, and it all heals up well (pun not intended).



Wow Angel you have really been through it, really sorry to read your post. I hope the pain eases very soon for you, take care and slowly does it. You'll know once you are walking and more active if your 5K in NY is doable but be guided my your mecical team and physio.

Hope to see you back up and running before too long. (only just catching up after being away nearly 4 weeks so sorry I didn't see you post sooner.)



Thank you for your comments. Have you been somewhere nice Liz?

The pain is easing and more mobile but I know I have a very long way to go. I had planned on doing the Moonwalk this year but obviously will have to do it in 2014, so getting back to walking, then running (eventually) are my small (seems HUGE) goals at the moment.

Will keep you posted....


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