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when all else fails

Have been really struggling with my runs over the past few weeks. Really tight hamstrings, not sure why. Even avoided a run last Friday, just could not face it. What a waste, though balanced it by a 13km walk. Still its not the same as jogging.

So in the end I thought lets do smething to get you back on track. Took the advice of another graduate and went back to using the podcasts. Started on week 5 last week and did

week 5 run 1 but did it twice on the same run

Then week 5 run 2 twice, on the same run

the dreaded week 5 run 3 - 20 mins plus week 5 run 1 afterwards.

AND you know what it works.!!!!!!!!!!

I feel so much better, somehow at the moment the 3 or 5 min walks in between allows me to recover.

Did week 6 run 1 today plus an extra 5 mins, was actually smiling at the end of my run.

So if your getting stuck, fed up , feel like your going nowhere, don't forgot those 'old podcasts'

they can get you back on track.

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That's fantastic to hear! Well done for getting back on track. I think it's a bit like ducklings imprinting :D - when we hear Laura's voice again we know we can do this because she led us through to graduation! It's easy to lose motivation, especially when bits of you are uncomfortable, so what a great idea to go back to the podcasts - that's great advice. And there's nothing wrong with breaks in between. I felt almost as though I'd cheated yesterday, splitting my 5k into two halves, but at least I was running. Much, much better to be out there and doing some running than thinking that I might as well not bother because I can't do it all in one go.

All the best for your runs with Laura - you'll be back up there in no time :)



thanks burstcouch - it's good to know even you graduates need to come back to move forward (if you know what i mean!!).

i hope it continues to work and you continue to smile :-)

ali x


Great news. It is a great programme, and sound advice to get you back on track. :)


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