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Barefoot trainers arrived

Having read a range of books over the last few weeks I have become more interested in the idea of barefoot running. Obviously I don't really like the idea of actually running barefoot - urgh! Far too many disgusting obstacles on our streets. So I ordered myself a pair of barefoot trainers. They arrived yesterday.

As my knee is still not healed, six weeks now (blah, blah, blah, poorly knee, bored now!)

I am just wearing them round the house. It does also say that you should change from other trainers gradually so that makes sense.

Anyway, they are very comfortable and I think I'm going to like them. I did go for a short stroll in them last night and they seemed fine. I shall keep you posted.

On the knee front (blah, blah, blah) - trying arnica cream to help with healing and continuing with exercises but desperate to get out there. Very frustrated!

Happy running :-)


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Oh, how exciting - new shoes. Can't wait to hear how you get on with them. I keep going and looking at them on the website, but am wary of buying shoes without trying them on. I haven't found barefoot style shoes in the shops (though to be honest, I haven't looked much).


I did see some in sweatshop when I was browsing last week.


It does sound interesting, I would not even know what they look like. Sounds interesting, looking forward to hear about your experience with them.


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