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Hmmm...well that didn't go to plan!

I was a bit concerned that after the problems I had following my Soho Sprint on Saturday, my chest might not be up to running. Set off at a gentle pace just to test it out but everything seemed fine. More than fine actually, breathing was easy from the start. Great I thought, in that case I'll up the pace a little and see how that goes.

And it went well for a bit, then just before 1k noticed my left calf tightening up. I've had this happen a couple of times in the past and was able to run or walk it off with no problems. However this time it got worse so I decided to stop running at 1k and try and walk it off.

It eased a little and I had another go but it just seemed to tighten up even more, so discretion being the better part of injury, thought it best to call it a day. I had to get home so ran a gentle 1k then walked 1k.

I'm not sure if it's the calf muscle, achilles or something else entirely - it's quite localised, at the lower calf on the inside of my leg towards the ankle. I've lathered on the Deep Freeze and hope that does the trick and I'll have another go on Wednesday if it's feeling okay!

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Hope it's better soon. :)


Ouch, Dottie! Have you tried ice? I hope it feels better by the next run! Gayle


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