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Hi there my fellow loons, week nine jumped upon my tired slighty ageing bones after a 13 hour shift yesterday, I looked at the treadmill with great fondness as I climbed on board.

My watch set at 45 mins, the Trevor Nelson collection starting to play and off we went.

I had intended just to crack out a cheeky 30 min one.....but!

Somewhere around the 12 min mark I thought sod it, lets go for a fiver!

I got into that "still strange place" for myself where there is no struggle to breathe, no aches, no pain, just running while you think the day through. At 30 mins I nudged the speed up a tad, starting to feel it at this point but pushed on because I now know I can recover in good time.

Distance LED pulsed over, 3.11 miles. Stopwatch paused at 36:54 mins, legs still had some go in them but pride comes before a good kicking as my dear ould Mother said on many occasion. So the cool down felt very nice indeed, I hit the shuffle button and the song " I need a dollar" came through, I need a third lung I thought!

I found sleep not long in coming that night!

Only a half day today at work, which was nice. legs feel good, lower back pain now almost gone after my body is more used to running on my midfoot, I now very seldom think of it.

Two more runs and I graduate.....that seems strange even as I type it!

Has it really passed that quickly? They say if you enjoy something the quicker it seems to pass, I have had a whale of a time!

I look forward to the next few months where I will start to clock watch a little, 30 mins! make mine a banana and pass the water.

All the best everyone


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That was a blog full of smiles and grins! Lovely work, Dale! :)


Ha ha!

Fabulous blog Dale, I really felt your joy. And that's not a euphemism....

Two more runs til the badge? Bloody hell, you got there quick, I think I took an age!

I look forward to seeing the bit of green by your name.


Good run Dale! Oh, and nice choice of music too ;) Only two to go......



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