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5k turned into 8 but how to transfer from treadmill to outside?

I have been running 5k for a couple of weeks now though at a pretty slow pace (35 mins, including a 5 min warm-up walk). Today I felt pretty good so decided to keep going at 5k. I stopped at 55 mins, 8k covered. I now need some advice - should I concentrate on getting my speed up and stick to 5k or should I train for 10k? Also, how do I make the transition to outside running? I had a go last week and failed - my breathing was all over the place and I ran at a slower pace than on the treadmill. I only managed a 10 min run before I had to take a 2 min walking break. Any advice gratefully received!

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I think you're on the right track already - run for as long as is comfortable and then walk a couple of minutes, and work up like that. I did the programme outside, but for injury and Swiss winter reasons am running on a treadmill now. I find the treadmill is definitely 'easier' than outside. I hardly get out of breath at all and of course there's nothing on the path to hop skip and jump over.

Still can't wait to get back outside though - and I'm really jealous of your 8K, well done you for that! :-)


Well done you!!!! :-) I started outdoors, but with winter I have used the treadmill a few times. I find I can keep my pace consistent using the treadmill and it does seem to be easier in some ways. I love running outdoors, other than dealing with the elements like wind. I turn those days into a positive by just thinking I also did my resistance training. :-) I'm slow, but we are currently in week 5 of a 6 week 10K plan. Later today for me will be 2-25 minute run sessions with a 1 minute walk between. My thoughts were to build up to the hour of continuous running then work on my distance. I know I won't be near a 10K distance when I reach my 1 hour. Hopefully, the increased fitness will increase my speed over time. Wishing you the very best! Gayle


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