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C25K v. stretching?

I am doing C25K since last Wednesday and will do the 3rd instance of W1 tomorrow. While I am enjoying the workout itself, I am a bit concerned that there is no time between the 5 minutes brisk warm up walk and the first run to do some stretching. How do others do this, do you pause Laura to do some stretching before starting the first run?

Obviously, stretching at the end of the podcast is easy and I do so diligently, but I am a bit concerned about not stretching before I start the actual running, especially with a long-standing dodgy right knee (which I am hoping will be better anyway now that I have invested in running shoes that fit my running style better).

Any views are much appreciated, thanks!

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Before I found C25k, I was researching stretches, running and injuries. Found this, not sure if it's right, but a lot of the sites were consistent for NEW info.


Will certainly give the good old rolling pin a try, thanks for that!


(Whisper - I tried doing some stretches once or twice, but haven't really done them much at all. I was going to do stretch and flex, but confess I didn't really keep it up. Now on Week 9. No injuries so far, even with a past history of wibbly knees and wibbly hips. I just run slowly, and am hoping that my body will sort itself out.)


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