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Should I run when I have a cold?

I have completed couch to 5k up to W5R2. I have enjoyed the challenge and was apprehensively looking forward to the 20 minute run today. Last night I started getting a scratchy throat and today have woken up with a cold. It is the sort that makes a day at work not fun but not bad enough to keep me off work. If anyone else has experience with this could you advise me if I should tough it out or take a rest day and come back to it later?

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The general rule for running with colds etc is if it above the neck, ie head cold, sore throat etc then its fine to run. Anything below the neck ie chesty then dont run as it could make it worse.

If you feel ok to run then go for it; it may help even clear it though your breathing may be a bit laboured. Hope you feel better soon.



I've been suffering with a cold for nearly two weeks but at the beginning of this week it turned nasty and chesty, so I haven't run since Sunday. As Sue says, I wouldn't run when I'm feeling chesty and coughing constantly, as I am. It's hard enough breathing without adding the extra strain on my lungs of running. Hope you feel better soon.


Also the web research I found when i had a cold said not to run with a fever as it puts extra strain on the heart


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