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It seems that one barrier I have to increasing run time is that I may be going too fast.

I consciously try to go slowly but when I check my pace later on Runkeeper it's usually about the same. I'm not mega fast but from talking to a friend who is a good runner she thinks I'm going too fast for me. I can go longer on the treadmill in the gym but with that it's possible to set a pace. I also find that when I try to go slower outdoors it feels like harder work so I'm in some sort of decreasing circle.

Any tips on controlling pace outdoors?

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I find this easier on the treadmill too. You could try running a set distance outside that you know - like from here to there is 2K - run so you can do it easily and then see what your pace was. It is more difficult going slower than your natural pace so it's a good idea to do what feels right. Then increase the distance gradually, going slower if necessary.

The great thing about running outside is you can go faster or slower whenever you like without pushing buttons and checking the display on a treadmill, but then the treadmill is definitely much nicer in cold wet snowy weather...

Good luck anyway :-)


Do you run to music on the treadmill? I rely on the beats per minute so like to have songs that match the pace. If you get into the feel on the treadmill of running to a song you might find that easier to transfer outside. I've enjoyed starting off with One Day by Elbow recently :-)


As the treadmill is in the gym I run to an overly loud popular radio station which is pretty annoying.

Strangely, as a musician, I never did manage to run to the beat on the C25K podcasts. I thought I'd have difficulty doing otherwise but somehow the beat was never quite right to feel comfortable. Also as it's all unfamiliar music and musical style for me it was hard to relax into. Someone did suggest that the Brandenburg Concertos were good to run to.

Generally I find both having the music and having the earpiece are both one distraction too much when I'm tiring. I was always so relieved to get the thing out of my ear the second Laura announced the start of the cool down walk.


When I've used the Speed podcast, I find the music is just background noise and don't notice the beat at all - I rely on Laura counting 1-2-3-4 and follow that beat. I also get annoyed at the gym as I can hear their music above the music playing in my headphones - I think that means it is far too loud !!


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