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Ground Zero + 1 (2 miles)

Thank you to all you lovely people out there who read my blog and encouraged me! I've been out again and intrepidly covered 2 miles at a damp slightly puffed walk! I'm really quite chuffed with myself. It wasn't an exactly record breaking pace of 3 miles an hour but I'm pleased. I did feel it in my lower back and right calf muscle (muscle!?) but mentally I wasn't quite so scared of what I could and couldn't achieve.

I've made a pact with myself (and the dogs) to start the running bit of this on 19th February. Why then? Well I'll hopefully be a teeny bit fitter and my daughter and running mate will be back from Uni. I will see a clean pair of heels as she started c25k last year.

The dogs were a little better behaved. I could apologies to approaching dog walkers before the Sprites kicked off (what sort of dog? 2 of the very small and very yappy sort) I wore boots rather than wellies too which made walking easier. It was refreshing to see the first primrose! I forgot to take a pic which is annoying. I did find The Giant in The Woods and took a pic of him so watch this space for me mastering downloading from my phone!

I still have to sort myself out with a decent mp3 player. It has to be easy to use , cheap and idiot proof. Any recommendations?

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It's good to hear from you again. I can't help much with mp3 players - I use an ipod that I had already, and that works really well for me.

Building up with walking first is a really good idea, if you've not been very active before. And when you do start running, you don't even have to go much faster! (My running is all of 3.2 mph - though I did get up to 3.7mph for a bit yesterday!)

How lovely to have seen a primrose in flower already. We've only got leaves on the ones in our garden so far. Enjoy your walks!


To be fair I only saw about 4 tiny flowers in the 2 mile walk! These are the early birds I think. Don't knock ANY sort of running! Its not the speed but how you arrive!



That's a great start - well done! If your phone has a camera, does it also have mp3 capability? If so, a separate player is one less thing to have to take out with you...


Ooo! I'd never thought of that....


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