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Ambition intact but body not playing the game!

Hi buddy runners! Just thought I would let you know my progress since starting C25k just before New Year.

As you know I completed Week 1, very happy but then got this chesty cough..took your advice, didn't run...went to the Docs, chest ok. Started again last Tuesday with W1R1 felt a bit rough, certainly not as easy as in the hols...but then I have stopped swimming, dancing etc so my fitness will have dropped anyway. Following day, massive sore throat, glands up, crappy nights sleep and now full head cold...aaaagh!!! Took yesterday off work and feel a lot better today. I am booked into a Bokwa Master class for 2hrs, will give it a go but I will listen to my body too.

On another note 32 pupils in my school so far committed to our new Fit 2 Run C25k Club!!

(Stupidly didn't fully think about how this translated to others not in the groove, when chatting to likely runners they said their tutor told them they have to run 25k!!)

How do you get the animations to work this needs emphasizing!

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Hi Frosty65, congratulations on getting the running club set up, that's great work. Hope you feel better soon and are back on your C25K journey!


Thank you!


The idea that they thought they'd have to run 25k is rather funny - I imagine it might have put a few off! Hopefully the ones that are starting will say such good things about it you'll soon have them queueing up to join in. Well done - and hope you're feeling much fitter very soon.


Went to a Bokwa master class and sweated it out for an hour and a half...feeling much better! I'll let you know how the club goes.


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