Spontaneous eBay purchase, motorised treadmill

Spontaneous eBay purchase, motorised treadmill

Sooo fed up of the snow and ice and not being able to get out and carry on my running that on Sunday I purchased a second hand treadmill off eBay, I was only looking and well, it just sort of happened.

I filtered by nearest to me distance wise and the seller was only 5 miles away so by Monday night I collected my purchase. Should have seen me and the wife trying to get it out of the back of my little car on a sloped icy drive and gingerly get I in the house.

Well at this moment it has pride of place in the conservatory in front of the telly, but my wife has different ideas, well guess who won, it's going in the garage lol. In fairness I takes up too much space in there and the garage is nice and cool, practically Baltic I admit at the moment but I like it.

I have ran twice on it now, tonight being the second run and it's brilliant, harder than I though to get used to but I have the hang of it now

I will run mainly outside as I love that, but use this when weather is appalling and icy /snow

Happy with my purchase, spontaneous it may be but sometimes they are the best

Happy running

James :-)


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13 Replies

  • I also run on a treadmill in the garage, it is baltic at the moment but not a problem when I have a beetroot face! I'm only on week 3 at the moment so have not had a go at running outside but looking forward to having something more interesting to look at! It's a bit hilly round here though so I'm a bit worried about much harder I'll find it, I might just have to find a flat road and run up and down it!

  • Spontaneous? Bet this weather had you thinking about it for the last week (:->) and you just grabbed that bargain. The early worm and all that. Hope you love your 'mill as much as I do mine. Just be careful not to get carried away in the first few days. It's very tempting to do a 5k every morning just because its there and a bitof a novelty. I did, but the sudden increase in workload brought on Plantar Faciitis within a couple of weeks - it took over two months to get over it. Use it wisely though, and it's a marvellous thing to have!

  • Thankyou Malcy for the advice, I agree with you, and as I always have make sure I have a rest day

    I'm sure I will love it but I do intend to run mostly outside. Just this weather is driving me crazy. Last oct I was running 5k 3times a week until I injured my leg, tried to run on it and made I a whole lot worse. I lost m mojo and am now just trying to get back into it, I have the mojo, but just lost my fitness and stamina so am starting again at week 5. Loving it so far :-)

    Thankyou for the advice


  • I was looking very enviously at your pic, looked as if you had the perfect set up there with the telly as well. Can't you persuade your wife to take to the treads Too? Perhaps she gets more than enough exercise just getting on with life. Well the garage has got to be better than a blizzard. Have fun.

  • Hi norni

    I agree, my wife used to run with me bu had an issue with he hip, she is recovering after a steroid injection right into her hip joint, but hopes to get back into her running, I suggested that she takes it easy with a small walk at first and build it up like from wk 1. Treadmill is the ideal tool / to lol :-)



  • Good luck for your wife too, hope she is soon back to her running.

  • enjoy your new toy. I sold mine just before christmas as I hadnt used it since we moved in may as I prefered to run outside, but I really wished it was here when we had the snow & ice. dont forget hill training. mine was brilliant for that & when I used mine I always had the indoor fan pointed at me to keep me cool, although I doubt youll need that if you are gonna be in the garage. any chance youll be allowed the telly aswell :)

  • Crikey...you don't muck about...! My idea of a spontaneous purchase is a £5 DVD...! ;)

    That looks a cracking toy, good stuff chief, a great find :)

  • I really enjoy the treadmill and have it in a freezing garage too .... but luckily for me I've got a window from the garage to the garden so it actually feels like running outside, best of both worlds :-)

  • Hi James, sounds a really good idea! I like the concept that you just somehow bought it! I haven't run for 12 days now, it's so treacherous outside and even the roads haven't been that good (plus always the risk of some car mowing me down). I am sort of sorry I packed up my gym membership now, as I could have used the treadmill there - but in reality I just wasn't using it enough to justify the expenditure. We did buy an exercise bike (on special!) the other week, which at the moment is sitting in our lounge, it's great to use it and watch TV!!!! nice and quiet so it doesn't drive everyone else mad. We've had a load of snow already today and it wasn't even supposed to start till 5 o'clock, so don't suppose I'll be running tomorrow either..... Whereas you will be getting fitter every day with your treadmill! Keep on running! Sue

  • oh yes very nice! i have noticed the chair in situ, perfect for the wife to sit in and shout at you.......gentle words of encouragement of course. That and the big stick....

    Of course my wife does nothing of the sort......

    All the best


  • oh, I really, really want one! It was so cold the other morning I thought I was going to stop breathing. Hope you enjoy using it.

  • hto look on ebay for one like you!!ey james what a brill idea.will have

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