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Walking speed/running speed

I'm working back up after knee injury time :-) , on the treadmill as we're snowed under here and will be for a while yet. The problem is, with a treadmill you have to set it for the speed you want to go at - so what's best?

At the moment I do my walking at 6 K/h and my running at 7 K/h, so my walking is quite brisk and my running slow. But would it maybe be better to make the walk slower and the run faster???? I do 30 mins, with blocks of 2 and 3 mins running, 11 mins running altogether this week. I plan to increase by 2 mins per week.

Any advice from any experienced treadmillers?

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I've just started again after an extended break which began with a knee injury. I'm walking on the treadmill at 3.5 mph and running at 4.0 mph (which is approx 5.6 kph and 6.4 kph respectively). I find that my knees don't really like fast walking so 3.5 mph tends to be my max walking speed, but I hope to increase my run speed as I get fitter again.

Best of luck and take care of those knees.


Thanks Legion - we seem to be more or less singing from the same songsheet :-)

I might try changing to 7.5 for the second run of the week and see how that goes. And roll on spring when we can go back outside again and just run! Mind you I'm really glad to be in the gym on the treadmill atm. The cold really stiffens you up and it's harder to breathe too.

Good luck to you too - keep up the good work! :-D


You might be interested in getting yourself a Buff for the colder weather, really helps to wear one of these until you have got warmed up and your lungs used to the colder air. This site shows a good example of what Buffs are and how they can be worn.


Thanks Oldgirl I might just get one soon. My gym subscription ends mid Feb and I'm swithering whether to take out another 3 months which costs just over £200 converted from Swiss Francs, ouch, or go for it and get back outside.

Atm to be honest the gym is sounding more attractive and there's another big load of snow forecast for next week. Never thought I'd enjoy running on a treadmill, but I do! Ran 13 mins in 3 intervals today and my knees are fine, so I might just stick with what's working just now. It is GREAT to be able to run again :-)


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