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How do you warm up and cool down at a Parkrun/race?

As I near the end of the programme, I am contemplating registering for my local Parkrun (Sheffield Hallam). I've checked the timings for Yesterday's race and, whilst I'd be near the back of the pack, I don't think I'd totally disgrace myself.

My only issue is, that after being plagued with niggles throughout, I am now a little OCD about my post run stretching routine. I think I'd be arrested if I tried to do my glute stretches in a public place, but my muscles would have cooled right down by the time I'd driven home!

How do others manage?

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I stretch after the run and then sometime again when I get home. When I had a coaching session at the end if last year the trainer told me you have about 2 hours to do your stretches for them to be of benefit. So you have time to get home and do them or do them by the car before yiu drive off


I'm sure you find lots of people stretching and doing various warm down routines (some quite bizarre) at every park run, don't worry about it. Do what you need to do to keep you right.


At the local parkrun many people can be seen pushing against the trees in the park stretching their calves and resting one leg on the waist-high rail stretching hamstrings.


You'll be amongst other runners each with their own warm up/cool down routines that might seem a bit bizarre to non-runners ... but who cares're a runner doing what runners do


I try and get there 10-15 minutes before the start and do a warm up brisk walk-jog first. After the run I use the park seat to help with my cool down stretches. No one takes any notice of others doing similar stretches. Good luck with your first run, you'll enjoy it I'm sure. :)


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