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Second run

Well I did my second run today??.......but It actually went easy than I expected?? and yes i've just found the smiley buttons.

As i've said I use a treadmill for my runs and today I had downloaded the podcasts to my iPod classic. The lead from my headphones is just a little bit on the long side by about three

I was concentrating so hard on not falling on my backside the runs passed in a blur.

Then next thing Laura said that registered was the five minute walk at the end.

I stretched for longer before and after so I hope my recovery is a little better. (No painful quads) well the ones I can feel.

Lets hope the next one goes as well......maybe I should keep the lead long??

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Hi, that's fantastic, well done, I often helps a distraction to keep you from watching the time.

Congratulations on joining and welcome to the club, we have lots of support and many at different stages to help and give support throughout

Good luck an keep going, it's well worth it and a great sense of self Achievement

Keep us informed of how your doing

James :-D


Cheers mate


Well done. Very well done. I'm impressed.

Good luck!


Well done! You and I could be running together, I am also using a treadmill and I completed W1R2 yesterday, despite clock watching so I wasn't late for work it went really well!

Are you going to a gym and do you have a choice of treadmills? Our gym instructor pointed out that on one of the treadmills you can toggle between the 'fast walk' pace and the 'steady jog' pace which I tried and felt much more comfortable than having to keep on pressing the up/down 'speed button'. I also like being able to monitor my heart rate, which didn't get too high so also made me feel good!

Hope run 3 goes ok for you, mine is tomorrow. I seem to have picked up a bit of a wheeze/cough so not sure how it will go...hoping to start W2 on Friday!...

What smiley buttons?



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